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If there’s one thing you learn in school, it’s the importance of staying organized. For students and teachers, this means utilizing everything you can to keep a tidy backpack and desk space – at school or at home. Pencil cases are a preferred solution. They help to sort the small stuff you don’t want floating around. Our cosmetic bags serve dual purposes and can be used as pencil cases, meaning everyone in the family can use them interchangeably. While it’s not scientifically proven, we believe a colorful, unique pencil case/cosmetic bag makes studying a bit more enjoyable! So, get to writing.

✓ Makeup
✓ Toiletries
✓ Travel ready

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    3-Way Bag
    toiletries bag
  2. Packin' Heat
    makeup bag
  3. NEW
    Gossip Girl
    jewelry bag
  4. Crown Jewels
    makeup bag
  5. Mr. Write
    pencil case
    Select Pattern

5 Item(s)