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The SCOUT Story

Founded in 2004, SCOUT by Bungalow is an active and casual lifestyle brand inspired by co-owners, Ben and Deb Johns, and the life they created with their family of 4 kids and 4 dogs in the Washington DC neighborhood of Georgetown.

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There’s nothing better than a sunny day spent by the water. Be it the pool, the beach, or the lake, reliable pool bags are a warm weather, vacation-friendly must-have. With only two hands (and maybe more than two kids!) how else can you easily transport the essentials from point A to point B? Pool bags are a SCOUT specialty, so you’ve come to the right place.

Our wide selection of pool bags allows you to stay organized, carry all you need for the day (plus those things you don’t need, but can’t resist taking), while looking effortlessly stylish and put together. Let your personality shine through, as there is no shortage of color or patterns to choose from.

The different styles of our pool bags vary by function, and we make it a priority to put function first. All of our pool bags are water resistant, easy to clean and ultra-lightweight. Bring on the salty water and sand castles, because the resilient all-weather woven fabric of these pool bags allows them to be washed out, while maintaining their color and shape. The bags weigh practically nothing, most weigh less than a pound when empty, allowing you to pack practically everything.
Scout Bags by Bungalow