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Morning, Noon and Bright


Uptown Girl pocket tote

Uptown Girl

pocket tote • $36

in High Line

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Color is a
state of mind

Wherever the day takes you, have a bright attitude. Whether it be (finally) getting out the door in the morning or racing to a yoga class, we’re there every step of the way.

Daytripper shoulder bag


shoulder bag • $39.50

in Powder Room

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Original Deano tote bag

Helping you
carry it all

Our best-selling tote since 2004,
the Original Deano is the ultimate
go-anywhere, do-anything bag.

Bagette market tote

Setting a new grocery standard

Overheard in the checkout line,
“It holds so much more than I thought!”

Back Story backpack

“A colorful bag
 is the antidote
 to a gray day.”

—Deb Johns,
   Creative Director
   and Fashion Stylist

Back Story

backpack • $44

in Chelsea

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Lunch Boxes


lunch box • $25

in Desert Rose

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Doggie Bag

lunch box • $19

in High Line

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Ferris Cooler

lunch box • $24

in Rosé All Day

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lunch box • $22

in Bee's Knees

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Lunch Break

Have the case of the Mondays? Brighten up lunch time with these insulated totes.

Taylor crossbody bag


crossbody bag • $42

in Desert Rose

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Pretty in Wink

The faux leather Wink Collection will effortlessly take you from day to night, and everywhere in between.

Wink Collection

Pocket Change

wallet • $28

in Desert Rose

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Golden Girl

pouch • $22

in Kate Treegan

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Pleasure Chest picnic cooler

Show your colors

Keep things cool with the Pleasure Chest picnic cooler, shown here with a contasting monogram.

Didn't wake up on the bright side?

Not to worry, it happens to the best of us.