If spring is your favorite season—or summer, for that matter—then hold onto your flip flops SCOUT fans, because word on the beach is that this is our best collection ever. We’ve got fun new styles and irresistible new patterns. A few might even take you back to your childhood (screen doors and wicker chairs, anyone?). Don’t miss our new, open weave fabric that lets air circulate freely while giving sand and water an easy out. It’s a game changer.

Featured Patterns

Nantucket Navy SwatchNantucket Navy Swatch

Nantucket Navy

You can’t go wrong with this top-seller, whether it’s for you or a gift for a friend or colleague. Fresh, clean, and modern, navy-and-white is a no-brainer for the beach, but equally fantastic for everyday adventuring. It literally goes with everything.

Double Stuff SwatchDouble Stuff Swatch

Double Stuff

Can you say “classic-with-a-twist”? This bold black-and-white stripe is the perfect example, sporting rebel stripes that refuse to be perfectly straight or perfectly solid. Classic, for sure, but a bit more hand-crafted and with a bit more attitude.

Call Me Wavy Pattern SwatchCall Me Wavy Pattern Swatch

Call Me Wavy

There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of gentle waves rolling into shore, and with this pattern, we hope you can hear them. From further away, the fine lines almost disappear into a solid, which means easy mixing with any other pattern.

Off Your Rocker SwatchOff Your Rocker Swatch

Off Your Rocker

Inspired by wicker, rattan, and cane chairs (take your pick), this nostalgic pattern evokes a sense of downtime and relaxation… of sitting on the front porch with a cup of coffee reading the Sunday paper (no looming deadlines or electronic devices in sight).

The Vision

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