How to Personalize Your SCOUT


If you want your initials on your item, choose the Initials option and enter your first initial in Initial 1, your last initial in Initial 2 and your middle initial in Initial 3. For example if your name is Elizabeth Anne Smith, your selection would look like this:

Name or text

If you want your name on your item, enter your name EXACTLY as you would like it monogrammed. For example, if your last name is McBride, be sure to pay special attention to the capitalization of the letters in your name. You may use only one character or up to 10 characters.

Delivery Time: An additional 48-72 hours is required for orders that include personalization, regardless of which shipping method you choose. For example, normal orders ship in 2-3 days. With personalization, orders will ship in 3-5 days.

Return Policy: If we make a mistake on your personalized order, we will happily replace it free of charge. If for some reason you do not like your personalized item, we will not be able to refund you for that purchase.

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