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Life is too short for a boring display.

Follow these easy instructions:

Step 1: Solidify Your Space

Group inventory by function, form, and fabric for easy comparison shopping. For example, group your insulated items together, then organize by larger soft coolers and smaller lunch coolers.

Once you’ve found a home for everything, stuff and style at least one of each form so that the product’s size, features, and benefits can easily be seen.

Be thoughtful when choosing which patterns to feature. Your display should bring a color story to life.

Step 2: Create Feature Displays

Stock a breakout display around an occasion or holiday. Themed displays are a great way to generate sales.

Cross-merchandise with other items from your store to create a story around the occasion you are featuring.

Show off the item’s features. Take out and attach any removable straps. Hang bags with straps from hooks. Place items in pockets.

Mother's Day Breakout Assortment

Here's how others are displaying their SCOUT:

More Display Tips

Use trays to keep smaller items together and organized.

Neatly fold and organize inventory of additional patterns near the stuffed bag.

Place items in pockets to create dimension and interest, and to show off the function of the bags.To show off foldable items like the Plus 1, Overpacker, or Stowaway, display one stuffed next to at least one that’s folded inside its pouch.

Use risers and other containers on your tabletop display to add extra height and to hold small SCOUT accessories.

Revisit displays often to keep them organized for easy shopping. A tidy display makes shopping a more enjoyable experience for customers.