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Coolers are imperative to any party, social gathering or road trip. A reliable cooler ensures that beverages stay ice cold and food stays fresh – meaning the party lasts longer. Hard coolers are heavy and difficult to transport, not to mention bulky and requiring a great deal of space in the car. The soft-sided cooler bags from SCOUT are lightweight, easy to carry, and leak-free. The insulated cooler bags we offer provide the most in comfort, equipped with adjustable shoulder straps or hand straps. And, the smaller cooler tote bags in our inventory were designed to fit inside of other bags, maximizing space in your vehicle, boat, or picnic area. In order to ensure you find the soft cooler bag suited for your specific needs, have a variety of shapes and sizes that are ideal for any occasion. Without proper insulation, food and drinks can go bag in a matter of minutes. Make temperature and freshness issues a worry of the past with a high quality insulated bag from SCOUT. Our collection of insulated cooler bags ensures your treats make it out on the boat, to the park, or to the beach in perfect condition.
All shapes. All sizes. All occasions.

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  1. NEW
    Cool Runnings
    soft cooler
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  4. Ferris Cooler
    lunch box
    $24.00 - $28.00
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  5. Madeline
    lunch box
    $21.20 - $26.50
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    Doggie Bag
    lunch box
    $13.00 - $24.00
  7. Chillabuster
    lunch box
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  8. Thermal & Louise
    insulated market tote
    $17.60 - $24.00
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  12. Spirit Chillah
    insulated wine bag
    $13.00 - $18.00
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  14. Daytripper/Nooner Set
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14 Item(s)