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Yeah, Baby! Items for Your Boy or Girl's First Car Trip

ARE WE THERE YET? for the car trip, pack functional items that you'll need in a pinch... let SCOUT help you out in the trunk with the 4Boys Bag (below right, shown in Croc-O-Gator Black & White), which can fit many of the playtime and mealtime items below! pack diapers and a small bottle in SCOUT's Packin' Heat; look to standby company BabyBjorn for those key pieces in your 'infantry' of goods, we love the Synergy Baby Carrier in breathable (and stylish!) white mesh; if it rains, it might pour, and no one wants to wake up a sleeping baby... en route to the gas station's mini mart for some post-pregnancy cravings, open up Marimekko's Papajo Umbrella, a compactible style that shrinks down to 9" in length when the suns back out!















YOU'VE REACHED YOUR DESTINATION: whether staying with friends, family, or a hotel, the below items are conveniently-sized for a car trip, and then easy to assemble once you've reached your temporary 'crib'... for mealtime or snacktime, prop Chicco USA's 360 Hook On onto a table so you and your baby can dine together (and, not to mention, dine in style with the minimalist two-tone below right, Chico's 'Romantic' pattern); for any outside or 'picnic' eating you might be doing, bring along French Bull's Everyday Tray with cute animals on it, and use utensils from Rice's Melamine Solids collection, both being colorful and therefore not as difficult to lose in a carryall that houses yours and your baby's life necessities; finally, the Shangrila Play Mat can be plopped indoors onto a carpet, or outdoors in the grass... either way, you'll have a happy baby!

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