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Wrapping Up Dallas: a Visit to the Bishop Arts District

Last night, the SCOUT team in Dallas traveled south of the city and had the pleasure of exploring the Bishop Arts District. This hidden gem was full of funky, rustic chic establishments that more importantly were staffed with friendly faces. We love the South!*

Inspired by the eclectic vibe of this little neighborhood, we had to feature it as a “Dallas Find” and let the world know about this secret.

Among the many cool spots in Bishop Arts District, we have to highlight two for having the “the whole package.” First stop on our tour was Dude, Sweet. That is correct, it was called “Dude, Sweet.” The group of guys behind this chocolate shop indulged us with a few of their favorite things including the “Crack in Box” chocolate bars and the Ice Cream a la Nitrogen Tank. From the customer service to the packaging, we loved everything about Dude, Sweet, so much so that we had to purchase t-shirts and pose with the team!

The last stop on our tour de force, was Tillman’s Roadhouse. This long time establishment has been open for the last 20 years, but pulled off an amazing renovation 5 years ago that embodies New York meets Texas. Shot gun door handles graced the entrance, but 10 crystal chandeliers welcomed us into the dining area. Along with the amazing decor, the indulgent down home cooking made gluttons of the SCOUT team. We tried the goat cheese tater tots, fried pickles, mac and cheese, and the perfectly glazed baked chicken. The piece de resistance was saved for the end when our waiter brought out a plate of s’mores featuring homemade marshmallows in a variety of flavors including cotton candy, pistachio, and maple.

We cannot say enough good things about Bishop Arts District’s vibe. It seems to have the best of all worlds with hip style and a southern attitude. We can’t wait to hit up this spot again when we are back in Dallas!

*visit SCOUT's Pinterest page and click into the Pinterest board that features photo coverage of our exploring the Bishop Arts District!

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