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What's Trending in the Fashion Capitals: Paris

Next city on the European travel guide: Paris. Read on for a visual guide of trends, shops and eats!



The retailers of Europe curate their storefront windows to become true works of art. Their boldest wares for the season can often be found here, sirens to draw the crowds in. Clockwise from top left: Max Mara shades of neutral|Dries van Noten mixing gold| leopard + a fisherman knit sweater|Hermes showing a strong orange accent color for fall|purple everywhere (!) for everything from suits to biker boots|French style at Paule Ka,|Paul and Joe navy + pink.

Goyard rules! Customized here with a crown!

Goyard with custom detailing!



Flower power at Paul Smith with matching upholstery and boots|gold and pearls for the perfect boot bling| pearl detailing on boots|silver shoes with skinny jeans as an updated daytime look|Roger Vivier's famous pilgrim shoe is never out of style!|Oh La La slip on sneakers at Le Bon Marche|Tod's new boots - lacing details are the new rage|some purple power biker boots.



Backpacks. Everywhere.



Rainbows galore! color saturation was huge in both feminine and bold styles. clockwise from top left: Beautiful Assouline book to commemorate the Barbie exhibit at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs|BonTon celebrating its 15 year anniversary in the Marais| rainbow street posts of Paris|Nailmatic vending machine in BonTon|extraordinary new Assouline book| Bouquets/Flowers - full of color and beauty|pedi cab decorated with rainbow stripes and fur seats.



With dozens of trips to EUROPE'S fashion capitals under her belt, deb knows where to eat - whether on the go or looking to relax for a moment. try one of these spots that are sure to have you wondering why the french get a bad rap. Tea at Priori: one of Deb's favorites for over 25 years|Burrata and seasonal tomatoes pour deux avec braesola at Lou Lou|olive oil and polenta cake at Rose Bakery in Le Bon Marche| Rachel's lunch spot - healthy with a twist.


Fornasetti at l'eclaireur (ck spelling please) awesome collection in this trend setting store

Fornasetti at L'Eclaireur


Just like the SCOUT catalog: balloon window display at Le Bon Marche|Palais Royale's graphic sculpture garden|oui fans - part of Le Bon Marche at L'Exposition|mosaic tiling inside Galerie Vivienne| hand-crafted elements for the home at Merci|the inside atrium at Le Bon Marche to promote L'Exposition.

Si Tu Veux iconic toy store in Gallerie Vivienne.

Si Tu Veux toy store inside Galerie Vivienne

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