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What's in Megan's bag?

Drink umbrella.  Check.

We're pouring bags, our hearts out, and drinks (kidding, this is a professional interview!  Who do you think we are?!) with my favorite SCOUT Media Manager, Megan Principe.  I love Megan. You want to know Megan and how she does it all.  So, she's opening up her go-to bag, so you can open your ~mind~

Things I love about Megan: she's stinking hilarious, she plans the greatest company morale-boosting activities, she'll talk to me about T.V. shows, she listens to me calmly as I yammer about the woes of being in my mid-twenties, she wears all neutrals for a more approachable Olivia Pope-look, and she's just the greatest.


RS: Meggie, tell us about your stuff.

MP: Well, I've got this bevy of giftcards I travel around with, because you never know when I'm going to pop in somewhere and use it for work or other gifts.  Like, I have a starbucks giftcard.  I have a Dean & Deluca one, a Sephora one, a Triple A card, a Macy's card...wow, weird, a Varnish Lane one.  Does that make me look chic?

RS: All of this makes you look chic.

MP: All of my trash, chic trash.  But, I do also keep my business cards on me, because I meet people all the time, whether it's in work situations or elsewhere, it's necessary for connecting people back to SCOUT.  I've been in some circumstances where it's awkward, and I'm like (whispers), "I...don't...have...my business card...mhmmm.  But, we'll be in touch!"  So, I'm much better at keeping them with me now.

RS: You've got all the SCOUT STICKERS?!

MP: I have a bunch of our dog stickers, so I can tell everyone to go love the brand.   I literally found these stickers under my bed when I was moving.  I had to load up on them and take them to everything, so I could give them away.

RS: And you're stowing the stickers in your Golden Girl?

MP: I have this Golden Girl from the wedding photo shoot, because I am Deb's bridesmaid. *(we all laugh)  But yeah, Deb had these monogrammed with the bridesmaids initials, these are mine.  So, I got to keep it.

RS: Your gilded Corksicle bottle fits oh-so perfectly in the side pocket!

MP: Yep, I have this water bottle, and I really love it.  I got it at Whimsicality-- shout out to Whimsicality.  I like how neutral it is, it's a great accent I have to all the color I have going on everywhere else at SCOUT.


RS: Your planner is so full.  I just write in a spiral bound notebook, and it's, like, empty.

MP: So, this is my self journal, and it's a really lovely resource for planning your day and your week and your goals.  I would really love to know how to use it properly...

RS: But, you're so busy,  look, you even have your doggie bags with you.

MP: Yes.  I have doggie bags, so I don't get a bad reputation with my neighbors for not picking up after Nellie.  I've definitely left the house without the bags.  Nellie goes to the bathroom, and I'm just kind of looking around.  But, it's hard to be coy because Nellie is a 150 pound NewFoundland...So yeah, it's tough.

RS: Megan.  The mascara.

MP: I know, I know.  I have a bunch of mascaras at all times.  Because it's feels, to me, like the easiest way to put on to convey a pulled together look.  I love them, I collect them, and I have like 50 mascaras.  I also have my rose-gold pen doubling as a stylus that I'll use when doing elaborate Instagram stories.

RS: Does Tim *Megan's boyf* ever have any opinions on the amount of phone use your career requires?

MP: Ummm.  He's extremely gracious about it. A couple times a week I'll apologize to him about it.  But, he's extremely patient, and we laugh about it when it's happening.  So, thank God for his patience.

MP: This Just In Case is filled with Ibuprofen, because you just never know...

RS: ...If you'll be in pain?

MP: Yes, yep.  Water and ibuprofen are extremely important.  I packed it for one of our photo shoots, and I've just kept it with me, and it has been handy.  I would never do that.  Like, I wouldn't carry around a big bottle of Ibuprofen because I feel like it may not be a good look for me.  But, I carry this thing around, which is funny.

RS: So how does the Oh Buck It make your day-to-day a little less cray-sea? *this is an inside joke between Megan & me, it just means "crazy"*

MP: I like the Oh Buck It, because it's more convenient.  It's easier in that I'm able to smush it wherever I go.  I can plop it right down on the floor and not have to worry about it.  It's got a little more of a day to day style and shape.  I just need something simple to get me from home to here, whether I'm walking, driving, taking the bus, or taking an Uber.  This bag is malleable for a lot of different situations.  I won't hop into an Uber with a full Deano.  In here, I have all I need.

Here I am with Megan and her beloved, Oh Buck It.  Look, how charming and engaged we are!  Want to feel this care free?  Check out our other Oh Buck It's and cross body bags.  If you're an incredible, awesome person who I love and read the blog on the reg, then you've just received a sneak peak of a Spring Summer '18 pattern.  Megan's Oh Buck It pattern will be released in the New Year!  I'll let you in on another secret: I also own one and feel giddy and light as a school girl.



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