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What's in the Bag: Getaway

We all know December can be a little intense, or "so extra," as the millennials say. Do you have a dormant sensation of heartburn, onset by all the cured meats and blue cheeses you've been hoovering at post-work cocktail parties? Is your gout flaring up? Does holiday shopping trigger images of yourself, literally lighting money on fire? Have you recently experienced any rage blackouts? If you’d answer “yes” to any of these questions, then you may have a case of the December Scaries/winter doldrums/Mercury in retrograde.

So, what do you say? Wanna get away...?

Fortunately, we can thank the stars as December marks its FINAL retrograde of the year. *Yasss Lawd!* The end of our astro-nightmare is so nigh, which calls for celebration. Y'all know I’m no clairvoyant, but I'm sensing vacay vibes in your monthly horoscope. Coincidentally, 3 of our trustiest SCOUTies are getting the heck out of DC for the holidays and agreed to open up their bags (& inner lights) for travel inspiration. This will give you some extra time to properly align your chakras before your sabbatical.

RS: Hi, Laura. Where are you going with that Getaway in Highline?

LD: So, it’s my friend's birthday next weekend, and I’m taking the bus up to New York on Saturday. We’re going out with our 10 friends.

RS: Ohh, city slicker. What did you pack? Asking for a friend...

LD: I’m going to wear my pair of sneakers, so I don’t have to pack them. But, I’m also going to bring my nice boots because they’re comfortable and good for walking around the city. I’ll need my leather jacket that’s versatile enough, so I can wear it during the day into the night. I have layers, and I like wearing my puffy vest over the leather jacket, if I want to be more casual or if we’re walking around and it’s cold. I’ll wear the leather jacket with my black booties and a big bold earring at night.

RS: This is good, mature packing, Laura. I can tell you’ve thought this through. What would you consider most essential when packing?

LD: I cannot and do not go anywhere without my travel-size skincare set. And, of course, you can’t go anywhere without sunglasses.

RS: I feel that. What are y’all getting into?

LD: I’ll probably get there mid afternoon, we’ll walk around, go to dinner and drinks after.

RS: And you’re taking the bus, right?

LD: I take the bus because the train is too darn expensive. Yeah, AMTRAK. I said it. I also refuse to drive up there because it would be a mess. I’m a woman of the people.

RS: Will you speak to the benefits of the Getaway, as a "Woman of the People"?

LD: I like that you can open this bag up and see everything. It’s a great horizontal bag, so you have visibility and aren’t digging to the bottom for all your stuff. AND, they won’t make me put this under the bus!

RS: Where are you heading, Sally?

SW: I packed for a weekend in Vermont. Whenever I go to Vermont I, usually, always fly. So, I need to take a tiny bag with me to the airport. I don’t want to check a bag. I bring one that can fit in the overhead and/or under the seat, because they have tiny planes flying to Vermont. This is when you really need a squishy SCOUT bag.

RS: I know your family relishes time spent in the great outdoors, but what else will keep you busy on your trip?

SW: I normally go shopping, eating, hiking, or some kind of activity like shooting clay pigeons. I always pack sneakers or boots for an easy hike at Mount Philo. The boots are good for that, since they’re chic with treads.

RS: Chic with treads. I love it. I feel like that really describes your personal brand, you know?

SW: Well, my family always dresses casually when we travel. We’re not ones to go to an extravagant Christmas dinner, like, our dress code for Thanksgiving was pajamas. So, we’re SUPER casual, so that’s why I packed flannel pants and a long, cashmere cardigan coat that I can just wear inside or outside.

RS: Your look is so Vermont. Do you do destination-specific styling when you pack?

SW: I don’t love all earth tones, but whenever I’m in Vermont I love wearing dark greens, browns, grays and blacks. That color palette works well whenever I’m up there. If I was going to New York, I’d be packing something completely different.

RS: Black, black and….black?

SW: Yep, exactly. Not in Vermont, though.

RS: Sally, is that a dress I see?

SW: This time, I did pack a dress, a green dress, just for fun.

RS: Ugh, Erin. I don’t want to ask where you’re going because I know it will be exotic, and I’ll be jealous. For the sake of the interview, I must ask. Where are you going?

EF: I am going to the Dominican Republic with my fam for Christmas. We’ll be there the 23rd-28th, I think. So, I’ll have my Getaway in Chelsea packed and ready for that.

RS: You’ll be there on Christmas Eve? What’s that like? Don’t y’all take a trip every Christmas?

EF: Yeah, we’ll be there Christmas Eve, it’s crazy. We did Christmas in Hawaii last year, and it was interesting...I mean, I liked it, but it’s interesting.

RS: What do you have packed for your DR Christmas?

EF: I have my Gossling Rum hat, a good beach book (Public Secrets by Nora Roberts), all my Target bathing suits for mixing and matching, flip flops, a cover up, and white jean shorts.

RS: White jean shorts!

EF: Yeah! Duh. White jean shorts are my signature, go-to warm weather staple. Wear any top with them, and you have an easy outfit.

RS: Are you going to go parasailing, or hike to a volcano or some sort of island activity?

EF: Nope. I plan to lay and do nothing else. I have one outfit that I can wear for a non-bathing suit occasion. I’m good to go.


Now, my little pixies, go forth! Defy the stars and run like the wind to some place tropical, or earthy, or mostly concrete. No matter, so long as your inner light guides you! Bathe in the ocean by the light of the moon, howl in the woods and stomp your chic boots (with treads), construct a wild dance circle with your coven at an NY club. The time to get away is yours, and no one can ever take that from you (unless you've squandered your PTO). Remember the powers the SCOUT muses bequeathed you. And, if a Getaway bag of your own calls the heart, click the image below. And last, but certainly not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY month to all my Saggi’s! Saturn won’t be back to salt your swag until 2044, so get wild.

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