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What's in the bin?

Hey, hello, hi!

We couldn’t be more stoked to shred into 2018 like a fresh pow. We intend to feel refreshed, re-energized and reorganized. Several of our Team members have written testimonials about what’s in their...bins! Yep, bins. If you didn’t know we had storage, well, now you do. Congrats!  Don’t worry, this isn’t a sermon about “new year, new you,” or a making SCOUT part of your list of resolutions (not suggesting you have to have any, but you get the gist). This isn’t a resolution.

It’s a lifestyle.

We're a week deep into 2018 and have hopefully recovered from ham-induced comas, binge watching 8 hours worth of "The Crown" and pajamas representing our general state of mind and being.  So, I'll start by sharing my personal SCOUT storage testimonial.

The other day, I cried in airport security after bidding adieu to my parents.  In spite of my anxiety and scaries, a wave of reassurance and peace washed over me upon my return to a spotless and organized bedroom. I honestly wondered if my roommate had ordered some sort of cleaning service, until I remembered, ‘’Twas not a cleaning service! ‘Twas I, Rebecca!"

"How do you keep your room as sterile and spotless as a Ritz Carlton suite?" you ask.  The answer is simple, my dears.

I gently laid all of my shoes in their designated Junque Trunk,, set freshly washed sweaters in their Rump Roost LG, and did some light dusting before swan diving into my covers for ample beauty sleep.

It’s really this easy.  So, humor me for a sec.  Close your eyes and imagine that luxurious feeling of returning to a clean house after a long day of holiday travel.

Gratifying, right?

Granted, my bedroom is an 8 x 6 ft. Hobbit hole, so our storage is ideal for for me to stow under the bed in my center for ants.   But, imagine what you could do in a human-sized home! What if you could have this sense of security and accomplishment all the time? *Or a fair amount of time, because come on, feeling that great 24/7 would be exhausting.

At SCOUT, we’re truly are putting the FUN in functional. I mean, look at those patterns! A bin that you can also use for a personal ottoman! It’s ingenious.

SCOUT's storage makes our day-to-day a little bit sweeter, simpler and stress free, re: Kate’s beloved ~craft room~.   Sounds appealing, right?  Maybe you’ll want some storage of your own for all those presents Santa brought.

Check out these exclusive images of our prop reorganizing yesterday.  Reorganizing all of our photo shoot props is no easy feat.  We re-use and recycle everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.  I think I saw a family-size bag of UTZ potato chips from 2011.


Cleansing, calm, orderly.  Don't we all wish our prop closets, basements and playrooms looked like this?  Office supplies, party decor, cosmetics, kitchenware, you name it.  There's a place for everything, and you can find it without tearing your storage closet apart.


But, seriously, where else can you find something fun, functional, gender AND age neutral that fits just about anywhere in your home? If you have an example, email me at [email protected]. In the meantime, check out our storage selection. You may like what you see.

*You may have noticed we don't sell these all-white bins online. For now, we only produce them for our photography studio (& because color is way more fun), but who knows? Maybe some day...

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