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What's in Becky's bag?

At first glance, deciding upon an interviewee for the debut of our "What’s in the bag?" column, may sound daunting. But for us, the obvious first choice was Becky Quinn.  If you’re a fan of go-getter, mission driven, yet, laid-back women, who also happen to be the life of the party, then you’ve got to meet our friend in SCOUT, BQ. We’ve had Becky on the brain since she graciously hosted a few of our team members at her Charlottesville home during our recent photo shoot. Our team was initially introduced to Becky as a close friend of Deb’s, our Chief Creative Officer, and a loyal customer of the SCOUT brand. We’ve also spent countless mornings blissfully snacking away on bowlfuls of granola from her local business, BQgranola. Somehow, Becky found time away from being a DC local entrepreneur, caretaker to 3 dogs, mother of UVA sophomore, Eliza, and attending a Sting concert at the Wolf Trap, to come chat with us at our headquarters. Our eye-opening chat with Becky revealed to us the importance of a bag carrying more than just stuff...

SB: Alright, let’s talk about this bag. Didn’t you have a navy DJ Bag? Now you’ve got this textured leather one. Will you tell us what’s up with that?

BQ: I have the canvas one, but when the SCOUT girls came to Charlottesville they brought me this one. We did a little shot with my dog, Neville, in the bag.  This bag is great, because I’m going back and forth from DC and Charlottesville all the time, I have three dogs, and a small business. You know, life gets messy, so this was a really nice gift. I keep my notebooks in here, and extra pack of granola, my big brush, not a little brush because I’m traveling back and forth from Charlottesville. It’s a daily bag, but also great for going back and forth. So, if I’m going somewhere, I just take out my newspaper and my beverage and just keep it in the seat of my car. It can expand and contract and I like that.

SB: How do you feel about a pattern or print? How do you mix and match this with your style? Do you think about this, or just grab something without thinking?

BQ: I love navy and I tend to sort of buy things sometimes unknowingly in a similar color scheme. I know that eventually no matter what, it’ll work. I sort of have a core bag like this and then I have a core leather bag. And the leather bag I bought at Deb’s FiFi show. So, she’s a major style contributor to things I do and have. Because I tend to dress in these colors: greys, blues, earth tones, neutrals. This pattern fits right in. Likewise, at home, I find a pattern that works well in one part of my house, and have SCOUT bins that work in that area. Same with my daughter’s apartment in Charlottesville. What’s great about SCOUT is you find a color you gravitate towards, so you can find it whether it’s what you carry personally or for that section of your home.

SB: This may be painfully Gen X of us, but we thought it was cool that you carry a newspaper and, unlike some busy people, you actually read. Do you prefer print?

BQ: I’m old school. I’m still one of the last people who has a Filofax. I mean, I still have old school paper—New York Times and Wallstreet Journal. Some people like to read stuff on their tablets. I’m a paper person and have my notebook ideas for different things. I’ll always be a paper girl.

SB: As a friend of Deb's and loyal customer, you’ve been with the brand for a long time. Do you have a bag or pattern that’s your favorite?

BQ: I always think I have a favorite, until the new ones come out and then I think to myself, "this is my new favorite." I think the bold, simple color patterns I love. I But I bought a coat rack and I now have all my SCOUT bags hanging from a coat rack, which makes it so easy when my daughter's like, "Oh mom, we’re having a party at our apartment, can you bri—" and I’m like, "Yep! Got it. Sure." The bags stand the test of time.

SB: So, would it be okay if we take a bunch of your stuff out and look at it?

BQ: Yeah, totally, go ahead. You know how people are like "don’t touch MY stuff"? I’m like, you can touch it, use it, I don’t care.

SB: It looks like you had a really powerful concert experience last night, because now, Sting is..."in your bag"?

BQ: Yeah... I’m gonna ride on that for a little while. Like, "I’ve got Sting in my bag." I’m sort of excited about that today. Afterwards I was looking at my phone in bed and my husband was like, "What are you still up looking at?!" And I was like, "Sorry, I’ve been looking at my pictures and searching the internet trying to find an old, vintage concert poster of Sting." So, now at this point, I’m starting to sound like I’m just falling deeper and deeper in love with Sting. I mean, all we were thinking let’s go have a picnic, drink some red wine, and see Sting. It was such a better evening than I anticipated. We got there and I thought, "Wow, I’m just gonna live in the moment." So, I recorded a few videos, sent them to friends, a few who were like, "Yeah...nice video, I wasn’t there..." But I don’t care! They’re not going to ruin the buzz for me. It was such a better evening than I anticipated. We were thinking let’s go have a picnic, drink some red wine, and see Sting. It was just a something a little fun, a little hopeful, kind of a throwback to your youth. Not a lot of big expectations, but he was so exceptional. I hope they give him great reviews and applaud him well. He’s got it all.

SB: Do you ever get crumbs of granola at the bottom of your bag?

BQ: No, I don’t usually get crumbs of granola, but because I travel back and forth from Charlottesville, and if someone else is in my car, then I love to take food and have food for other people. My friends in high school and college used to be like "Oh geez, Hostess of the Highways." Because we used to drive down to New York City all the time, and I’d be like, "Okay! I brought the hors d'oeuvres." Sometimes I’ll have cookies, or something crazier and get carried away. That’s when the plastic on the inside of a SCOUT bag can be better, because I can clean it out. But, I love the quilted.

SB: Famous last words?

BQ: Cool experiences are in your SCOUT bag. Sting is in my SCOUT bag. A party invitation to GO BO. Those are things that I’m carrying that are going to be about an experience and not a thing. I think that’s sort of the aspirational quality of SCOUT. Scout is carrying these touch points of your life that are stories in and of themselves. Of course, I can hold up a bag of granola say, "this is my snack," but it’s also my small business. Or, "here’s an invitation," but it’s to the greatest party in DC. It’s more than just my wallet—it’s my book of ideas, my fun party invitation, my memories from a fun night. That, then is what gives you such an emotional attachment to the bag. That’s what makes it special to people.

Shop the SCOUT DJ Bag here and BQgranola here

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