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What's in the Bag: the Stowaway

Whether you’re living in a big city-swamp, the burbs, or the boonies, ladies need someone to have their back. Who are the ladies? Obvi, we’re the ladies. You need someone to hold all your junk while you’re getting after it, OR fold itself into a pocket square and fade into the forever midnight when it’s not wanted. So, get you a bag—pardon, a backpack, that can do both!

Carson Whitesides

-Customer Operations Coordinator; Best In-Office Hair 2018, General Go-Getter, Woop-It-Up-Girl

"I love the chalk stripe pattern and have it in basically every color we’ve done. I’m currently rocking the Stowaway in Chalk Back."


My hand lotion smells like peonies, my favorite flower.

S’well Bottle

I bought this water bottle because it was the only one in Paper Store, but the pink has really grown on me. It’s very sweet.

Cloud Paint | Glossier You | Generation G | Boy Brow

You got me addicted to Glossier, so now I order all the products I can afford.

Anthro sunnies | Warby readers

I really love these sunglasses, but they’re so difficult to drive in since the green hue is really distracting. But, they’re great for walking to work. I love my reading glasses, and they're not hard to read with, so there you go!

Crazy Rich Asians - Kevin Kwan

I’ve decided I’m going to be better about reading since I’ll be riding the metro more frequently. *Pssssssst: Carson’s admirer is moving to Southeast DC, so you better believe she’s going to be swiping that SmartTrip*

Not pictured: Heartburn medicine

We've all been there...

Birch Thomas

-VP of Operations & Finance; Resident Cool-Chill-Mysterious Co-Worker, OfJulian.

“I pack my Stowaway like a fifth grader headed to the first day of school.”

Full Focus Notebook

I always carry two notebooks: one designated for to-do lists and another for jotting down ideas.


One must have snacks at all times.

Sony Alpha a6000

This is my smaller camera for on the go. I like it.

Not pictured: Water

But, who doesn’t have water in 2018?

Laura Doherty

In-Store Brand Development Manager; Gold Star Recipient: What's in the Bag Segment 2017-18, Local Yo(gal)

"My Stowaway goes with me everywhere while reminding everyone: I'm the captain now."


I’ve got Tiles for days because I lose everything. My brother got me a pack of four.

Electronic Accoutrements

Sometimes, I need to stay plugged in, hence: the portable charger, two sets of headphones, and the Apple Watch charger (unfortunately, they die pretty quickly).

Bliss Refreshing Body Wipes

These things I snatched from the W ~on business~, Tidy Towels. You just saw my sweaty clothes, from...doing things. So, these are great, like a portable Italian shower!

Peruvian Treasure from Co In-Store Brand Development Manager, Christine

I love Christine, and I love my llama keychain.

If you want a backpack that can do both (in new colors for fall, I might add)...

2 thoughts on “What's in the Bag: the Stowaway”

  • Marcia F Timson
    Marcia F Timson July 27, 2018 at 10:36 pm

    What is a tile for days for organization ??

    I lose track of things, too.

    Your Scout bags are awesome. I have bunches.

    Marcia Timson

    • Rebecca Sanders
      Rebecca Sanders August 10, 2018 at 10:34 am


      Tile is an awesome product that you can use to keep track of your keys, phone, etc. Laura has a Tile for all of her essentials and swears by it! I linked "Tile" above, so you can check out their site. Thank you for your support of the brand and being a loyal SCOUT customer. We appreciate you!

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