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What's in the Bag: Overpacker

A wise man once said, “Oh oh oh oh it's international love. You're international, so international.” Some of you may know this man as “Mr. Worldwide” or “Mr. 305.” I prefer to call him by his birth name, “Pitbull.” I can’t think of a more fitting quotation for our spring break remix of “What’s in the Bag." Come fly with me and our resident travel-bae’s, Laura Doherty and Charlotte Allen. They’ve crammed their Overpacker’s with all sorts of essentials for their trips to Dubai and Miami, respectively. What a time to be alive. Prepare for liftoff.


LKD: Hey buddy...

RS: Laura, hello. You are going to Dubai.

LKD: I am. I am going to Dubai for a week with my best friend from DC, and we’re going to see our other best friend from college. He lives in Dubai, and we thought, “No time like the present to book a getaway.” So, we booked our flights when we were at a bar, and here we are. I’m leaving on my b-day.

RS: Wow. That’s amazing. Where will y’all connect?

LKD: We don’t have a connecting flight. It’s a direct flight. It’s 14 hours, so I downloaded a few episodes of The Crown and bought a book yesterday. I’m gonna fire up my old Ipad.

RS: What does the average vacationer do in Dubai?

LKD: Well, we’re going on a yacht one day. We’re going to ride camels and do sand dunes stuff in the desert. We’ll go to Abu Dhabi one day to see the Grand Mosque, which will be so cool. Then, we’re going to see if we can weasel our way into that super expensive hotel, the Burj Al Arab.

RS: Aren’t y’all going to the Maldives?

LKD: Unfortunately, we are not going to the Maldives anymore. Because, apparently, they’re under a state of emergency.

RS: Oh. Ok. Good to know. So, what does the weather look like?

LKD: It’ll be 80 degrees and sunny. It’s a desert, so kind of like Las Vegas in the springtime.

RS: I see you packed your Ouai travel-size hair products Megan and I got you for your birthday. Anything else special going on in your Overpacker?

LKD: My favorite thing I’m bringing is my red dress from Tuckernuck. Got it on sale, so it was a really good find. I’m having some issues with the back of it right now, but I’m gonna figure it out. Nothing a jacket or pashmina can’t fix. The dress was $30. That’s a steal.

Laura had a fabulous time in Dubai and looked phenomenal in her red, Tuckernuck dress. She did not have to wear a pashmina or jean jacket. All was well.

RS: What are your senior spring break plans for Miami?

CA: I’m going with a bunch of my friends for five days, then my parents are coming down and meeting me for the last couple of days. I’m really excited.

RS: Where are y’all staying?

CA: We’re staying at the Loews. My friend’s dad got us an awesome deal there, so we booked a bunch of rooms to share. Other than that, we don’t have any set plans.

RS: Well, you’ll have to check out DASH, you know, the Kardashian’s thing...

CA: Yeah, I know. I mean, I don’t know about checking it out, haha. But, I’ve never been to this city, so I’m excited to walk around and just generally get a feel for everything.

RS: Tell us what you’ve got in that Overpacker.

CA: Bathing suit, cover up (the cover-up can double as a going out dress), fun shoes, and a good book.

RS: What book is that?

CA: It’s actually a book I’m reading for school, but I thought I’d bring it, just in case.

RS: Do you think you’ll read it while you're there or wait until your back Georgetown-side?

CA: Probably not...but...yeah, we’ll see. I’m hopeful, OK!

RS: That's one secret I'll never tell. You're on vacay, so don't worry about it. Speaking of not telling, do you know what you’ll do when your parents get there?

Well, my parents are huge foodies. So, they’re excited to try some restaurants. We’ll probably do some cultural things like museums or exhibits. But, my dad’s most excited about the food. It’ll be great to see them, and do some exploring.

RS: Sun- and skincare-wise, what do you have going on?

CA: I’m bringing my own little sunscreen, because I know I’ll need it. I also love Sugar Lips lip balm. It’s a cool brand, has a great smell, and leaves your lips really smooth—so they're staying hydrated.

Charlotte, our bae(i)ntern, is still having a fabulous and wholesome senior spring break in Miami. She will return to us Monday, tan, rejuvenated, and ready to get crackin’ on all sorts of projects we can’t handle without her help (just kidding, Charlotte).

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