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What's in the Bag: Little Tripper

Spring. Alive. Awakening. Baby animals. Birth. Bloom. Blossom. Born. Bright. Bunny. Cheerful. Change. Clean. Crisp. Delightful. Daisy. Daffodil. Duckling. Eggs. Flower. Fresh. Garden. Grass. Grow. Happy. Hatch. Hyacinth. Iris. Incredible. Joyful. Light. Lovely. LITTLE TRIPPER... Oh, hey. Didn’t see you there. You caught me doing a little exercise us writers do, called “word association.” I’ve got spring on the brain, in case you couldn’t tell, and I think I was having an A-Ha Moment (blessed be Oprah). We have a triple threat coming up this Sunday with Easter, Deb’s Birthday, and April Fool’s Day. My heavens, how can we possibly cover them all? We can’t! So, we won’t. It would be so long winded, and the children would cry. We want the children to smile, and if there’s one person who can make the children smile, it’s our in-house birthday girl, Deborah Waterman Johns. You want your children to smile, right? Of course, right!


Come, sheeple, come, and hear Deb’s great news...

Hark! It’s the Little Tripper. Are these not the cutest makeshift Easter baskets you’ve ever seen? You, too, can rustle up these easy, adorable, and reusable *Earth Day!* baskets for your little bun-buns. We also want to make clear that the Little Tripper is an optional ingredient in our recipe for ultimate basket assembly. All baskets are welcome, so feel free to BYOB.

Cheap and deep.

To start, Deb suggests using her go-to technique, the old high-low buy, also known as, “cheap and deep.” If you read the Tiny Package Valentine’s Day post, then you probably remember this vocab and may skip ahead. NOT so fast, skippers. That was a test. The good students who stuck around get golden eggies. They can also open their laptops, go to their web browser of choice, open the Oriental Trading Co. bookmark, and start buying iconic Easter novelties like they’re going out of style. Buying in bulk from sites like this one, Rhode Island Novelty, or Party City, is the key to a healthy basket and checking account balance.

Paper over plastic.

Maybe you noticed the paper grass in our Little Tripper baskets. We use green paper grass because it pops more than the traditional plastic kind. Plastic grass is a notorious, decorative choking hazard for kitties, so paper grass is a nice alternative for your sweet, Snowbell. If you decide to place any exposed sweets, like Peeps, in the paper grass, make sure to seal it in a ziplock bag if you plan to reuse the grass. This may sound kind of extra, but we assure you, the lingering scent of a rogue, half-eaten Cadbury Egg will be like blood in the water for ants. It’s imperative you lock things down.

Wild jellies ain’t a good look.

Set a couple hunting eggs aside for your baskets. Plastic eggs are a classic and offer an extra element of surprise. They’re also great containers for bite-size candies and cash because no one wants a bunch of renegade jellies and pennies in their basket.

Crowd pleasers, etc.

Once you’ve filled up your baskets and hunting eggs, you may feel comfortable sprinkling in a couple more personal treats. Mark and Rosemary Sanders were total pros when it came to this. Stockings, Valentine’s, Easter baskets, *cough* birthdays *cough*? They go full on cheap and deep and come in clutch with one final, showstopper. The Easter I received Mulan on VHS (I was six, FYI) is a testament to their genius. If you want to take a note from the masters, I’d suggest a DVD with a strong-willed, perfectly imperfect female protagonist. This said, proceed with caution when taking the movie route. The kids will be dying to pop that bad boy in right now and watch it uninterrupted. So, if you have morning engagements, you won’t have much time or patience to explain they can watch it as soon as you get back from Sunday School, Big church (Remember, it’s Easter, so prepare for Church: the Extended & Uncut Edition), and a family brunch that will last an eternity. Yes, it’s risk, but it’s also high reward. CDs are a great alternative. Everyone can listen in the car on the way to your Easter activity. Do they still make CDs? You should probably just ask Alexa.

Add-ons for sugar babies.

While Deb was on sabbatical in California for a week, she made a point to stop by the coolest pastry shop in San Francisco—Miette Cakes. She returned for our photo shoot with bags of cookies, candy buttons, and pre-wrapped pastries. Meanwhile, I would have knocked my shopping out in one fell swoop and ordered a Lemon Debutante Cake, Carrot Cake, Scharffen Berger Easter Bunny Cake, Lavender Shortbread Cookies, a couple bags of Miette Caramels, and Turkish Delights. If you’re shopping for a deranged sweet tooth like myself, you can order more of these high-brow treats online from places like Sugarfina, Milk Bar, Dylan’s Candy Bar, or Goldbelly.

The nice thing about the Little Tripper is that it has a life beyond Easter. Your bunnies will be able to carry their goodies and happy memories all year long (and in style!). Regardless of what or how you celebrate, we hope you have a safe, refreshing, and positive start to April, surrounded by all your favorite peeps...and Peeps, of course.


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