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Welcome to Solis, Harwich Port, MA

Solis Beach Boutique (a sister store to the Sativa gift shop in Harwich Port) opened its doors in summer 2016 in Cape Cod and the reaction has been terrific. Read a little more about what's going on at the Remondino family's second outpost!

From Kate 1A brief history of Sativa and Solis

Sativa, a gift shop in Harwich Port, MA was founded a few years back by Lisa and Ron Remondino. Sativa offers bath and body products, sterling silver jewelry, scented candles and room diffusers, local pottery, books, journals and cards, beach bags, and many other gift items for children and adults. They opened a sister store, Solis, in 2016. Ron Remondino has turned the historic buildings that Sativa and Solis occupy into beautiful retail spaces. Both stores are family-owned and run by Lisa, Ron and their daughter Calista.

Lisa has always been a fan of the SCOUT brand and integrated the line into Sativa early on. Lisa first discovered SCOUT at the NY Gift Show; she told us that it was our cheerful, colorful prints that first caught her eye. Sativa is one of the few stores that has carried SCOUT from almost the very beginning of the brand's creation.

How SCOUT teamed up with Solis

Near the end of 2015, Ron and Calista reached out to us to say they had an available retail space and wanted SCOUT to be the central brand of a new beach boutique. We met up with them in our showroom in Atlanta and a plan was born! Calista has always felt that SCOUT makes the best gifts, and she had gifting in mind when she chose other brands to accompany SCOUT in her new store. Alongside a wide selection of SCOUT, you can find beach radios, beach blankets, Sun Bum products, and tons of hostess gifts.

Deb Ben visit small Ben, Calista, Lisa, Deb and Ron pose outside of Solis on a visit this July.

I love that it's a multi-generational team running the store. Calista, Lisa, and Ron made Solis into an amazing space. The mixture of merchandise truly compliments and enhances the SCOUT collection, and the feel of the space really resonates summer.

Deb Waterman Johns
Creative Director & Co-Founder of SCOUT

Solis + summer

Cape Cod, MA knows how to celebrate the summer season. If you’re vacationing there or planning a visit, be sure to stop by Solis and meet Calista and the gang!

Location, location, location

Route 28 in Harwich Port, on Cape Cod

From Kate 11

For a full list of SCOUT retailers carrying tons of your favorite summer bags, coolers, and accessories, click here: http://www.scoutbags.com/retailer-locations.

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