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Wednesday Obsessions: We're Mad for Collabs & Home Items


-There is a ton of buzz surrounding the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection, and we found coverage of it for those of you hoping to plan an efficient shopping trip for the day it (gasp) finally launches. NYMag's The Cut did a write-up with some preview photos here!


-We can't get enough of the new Zara Home collection. We've picked out a couple useful pieces we love here, including the printed silk hanger set (more patterns available) and the clear wet bar/tray table, but click into the Zara Home site for more of the amazing selection! As Zara clothes go, the home collection is well-made and well-priced, and therefore a must-see for any fashionista who might still be living in a studio apartment with four walls and no furniture...

-The Nate Berkus x Target collection launched just this week on 10/21, but we caught an early preview of the pieces on Refinery 29. We love the mixture of moods in these two pillows, the Gold Broken Stripe Pillow and the Indigo Star Ikat Pillow - perfect next to some SCOUT storage!


We thought it would be helpful to direct you to some of our favorite home stores/boutiques!

On the Pacific Coast:

-Indigo Seas- same owner as the Ivy in LA – island life mixed with French and Asian interiors.

-Pom Pom Interiors- also in LA but the exact opposite of Indigo Seas – shades of neutral throughout the store.

-Bountiful- also in LA and features now & then romantic pieces.

On the Atlantic Coast:

-ABC Carpet & Home- for a great shopping & looking experience – they have shop-in-shops which makes for a dynamic mix of moods and styles.

-Fishs Eddy- for retro-cool at its finest, restaurant supply with a spin.

-Barneys’ Home Division, Chelsea Passage- available online, but a must-see in store – look for Yo Deb-featured brands like Fornasetti, Jonathan Adler, Smythson notebooks and passport cases.

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