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Wednesday Obsessions: In Rearranging Your Wardrobe, Introduce Fashion to Function

Yo Deb readers, welcome to the sixteenth installment of our weekly newsflash for all things up-and-coming, ‘Wednesday Obsessions’. We are excited to bring you the latest info on people, places and things being discussed around the world and around the world wide web. Start following us to receive an email each week when a new W.O. post is published!


We suggest that while you are rearranging or changing up the items in your wardrobe from summer to fall that you consider adding one or two new pieces to the area in and around your closet or bedroom… introduce a little fashion to function!

Pieces, clockwise from top left: CB2 Infinity Standing Mirror - sleek in design and it will capture your whole look! Kikkerland Sliced Grandfather Clock, available online at Mxyplyzyk - you can keep checking where you are in getting dressed as it relates to getting out the door on time... ready in less than 20 minutes? success! The Container Store Black Huggable Hangers (in black and ivory) - a must-have for any woman with a 'delicates' load in her washer; SCOUT Hang-10 Bins in new patterns Got Damask and Foxy Brown - they can store hangers, back-up lint rollers, shoe polish or anything of the 'care' kind; Alexandra Ferguson Je T’aime Pillow - for a chic black & white accent; Le Corbusier Outdoor LC8 Swivel Stool, available online at Design Within Reach - sit in front of the mirror comfortably and stylishly with this crisp white stool; SCOUT Trash Cache in new pattern Got Damask - stack blankets in this handy column, or pile up 'dry clean only' items for one big trip to the cleaners; Hermes Signature H Blanket in Ecru/Black - the timeless piece in your bedroom or closet, forever chic; SCOUT Junque Trunk in new pattern Foxy Brown - when you want less dialogue, stash your Alexandra Ferguson pillows in here; Alexandra Ferguson I Live for This Pillow - kitschy and just the right amount of irreverence, a Deb favorite!

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