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Wednesday Obsessions: Cool In & Beyond the Pool

Yo Deb readers, welcome to the eleventh installment of our weekly newsflash for all things up-and-coming, ‘Wednesday Obsessions’. We are excited to bring you the latest info on people, places and things being discussed around the world and around the world wide web. Start following us to receive an email each week when a new W.O. post is published!


Two girls from the DC area recently earned spots on the US Olympic swimming team during Trials – Katie Ledecky, 15 (a rising Sophomore at Stone Ridge from Bethesda, MD) and Kate Ziegler, 24 (a Bishop O’Connell grad from Great Falls, VA). Both girls garnered spots after completing the 800-meter freestyle. We are proud to support them and their teammates as they prepare for the Olympic Games in London, which begin in late July. GO USA!

While these girls are without question too cool IN the pool, in keeping with our theme this week we’re lining up some of our favorite hot-weather products and stay-cool tips so spectators can feel cool beyond the pool…


-TKEES Flip Flops: we love the bright hues in these always-appropriate thongs, which are nice and cushy for your feet and (bonus!) also chic for walking beyond the pool and on the street.

-Superdry Flip Flops: Superdry is perhaps a lesser known brand, but you should know them! we love the classic rubber thong with East-meets-West style in a bright 'pool' blue.

-Melissa Harmonic Flip Flop: Melissa is a brand gaining buzz for embellished thongs, and we are huge fans of this one decorated with a flower... It's sophisticated and fun!

-Yosi Samra Glossy Flip Flops: 'old school' preps of the world, rejoice! this company makes a seersucker-inspired sandal with a glossy peach-hued thong for a pop of color.


-Cool Runnings: watch this film for classic John Candy lines but also a wonderful, cheery story that is based on the real-life struggles and eventual successes of the Jamaican bobsled team in Calgary, Canada.

-Miracle: feel ‘cool’ instantly – this film follows the US Olympic hockey team’s 1980 victory over the then-unbeatable Soviet team… watch for fast-paced puck footage as well as a wonderful portrayal of team USA coach Herb Brooks (played by Kurt Russel).

-Invictus: watch this film to see a particularly moving portrait of South Africa – following Nelson Mandela’s liberation after 27 years of imprisonment, the activist enlists the help of the South African rugby team to prove that the conflicted State can move beyond apartheid and work better as a socially unified nation.

-Blades of Glory: watch this parody of US figure skating, courtesy of Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) and Will Ferrell (Anchor Man, to name one of his films)… with a standout supporting cast and a hilarious storyline, you’ll get an Olympic-scale ab workout just laughing at the scenes in this flick!

-Chariots of Fire: arguably the sport film of the 20th century, this Oscar Winner for Best Picture involves the social and religious struggles of two British runners competing in the 1924 Paris Olympics.

-National Velvet: watch this film to see a very young Elizabeth Taylor give an excellent performance as a young rider helping a jockey to tame an unruly but gifted horse. There is also a sequel, International Velvet.

-Prefontaine: watch this film for a solid performance by Jared Leto as legendary long-distance runner Steve Prefontaine, who worked hard and whose running style, though ‘off the grid’, earned him high marks as one of America’s best long-distance runners before his tragic death at the age of 24.


-Plastis Ice Cube Trays available at Ikea are a fine price for such a useful item – make drinks more fun to look at while you watch the cubes melt!

-check out the Zoku section on Williams-Sonoma’s web site – we love the Quick Pop Maker for popsicles of the healthy (and the not so healthy!) kind.


-Dyson bladeless ones are great (and definitely worth the investment). Find them at Bed Bath & Beyond.

-carry Pearl River Mart’s folding fans, they're perfect for those times when you come into a building from the sweltering heat and find that the AC is broken! (OK, well, this has been happening in DC buildings recently, maybe it's just us...)

-or carry Pearl River Mart’s parasols for long walks ('long walks' means anything more than a block in the July heat!)


-freeze any and all fruits (we love grapes, cherries)

-Deb loves freezing her Hint water (tons of flavors!)

-freeze wet wash cloths or bandanas


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