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Wednesday Obsessions: Classic 'Summer' Films

Yo Deb readers, welcome to the seventh installment of our weekly newsflash for all things up-and-coming, ‘Wednesday Obsessions’. We are excited to bring you the latest info on people, places and things being discussed around the world and around the world wide web. Start following us to receive an email each week when a new W.O. post is published!


We recommend picking up the latest issue of Town & Country (June/July 2012 issue) to learn more about the 'old school' style of summer camps, the institutions of which are having a great resurgence in the US in number of  participants and quality of program. Carry DVDs, snacks and the magazine in SCOUT's Uptown Girl in Racey Lacey (the pattern of the summer!).


Purchase large tins of delicious Dale and Thomas Traditional Popcorn; Izze Sodas have natural ingredients and are a thoroughly refreshing treat during the heat of summer; Kaia Chili Lime Kale Chips are a salty and zest version of this healthy, natural snackfood; Chocolate Covered Confections from Ann Marie’s in Minocqua, WI make the perfect sweet snack; grab some Nut Crunches from Fastachi, they're an easy hand-held version of snacking on mixed nuts.


-the funny summer classics: Caddyshack is the country club classic that follows the idiotic exploits of club and staff members, each one crazier than the next; Meatballs is a coming of age film that chronicles the lives of campers and their camp counselor one summer at Camp North Star; National Lampoon’s Vacation watches the Griswold family drive cross-country as they endure one catastrophe after another at the hands of their reckless (though loving) father and husband, Clark, who just wants to get to Walley World.

-the summer camp classic, both versions: The original Parent Trap is a classic from generation to generation that sheds light on the various experiences at summer camp as well as some not so typical American family dynamics – so perfect for all audiences, this film has stood the test of time even through the release of a second version with an all new cast and reinterpreted plot-line; the newer version of the Parent Trap maintains the sassy pair of twin sisters as well as their unique family dynamics, but this one introduces a couple more character stories that are as funny and charming as the overall tone in the first film.

-the 'sisterhood' classics: Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, a classic teenage film based on the original novel about four best girlfriends who spend most of their time together but all of a sudden realize they won’t be near each other for one summer, so they share the ‘traveling pants’ (a pair of jeans) between each experience to help stay in touch; Now and Then, another classic for every group, from young girls to grown women, follows the lives of four best girlfriends from one eventful summer in their 60s suburban town to the present day, where their friendships remain less close but unspoiled.

-the Summer of '42: Summer of ’42 is a coming of age story of a young, anxious boy’s attempts to portray himself as a man, and, in doing so, he learns of love and loss.

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