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Wednesday Obsessions: Blogs & Web Sites We're Loving

Yo Deb readers, welcome to the fifteenth installment of our weekly newsflash for all things up-and-coming, ‘Wednesday Obsessions’. We are excited to bring you the latest info on people, places and things being discussed around the world and around the world wide web. Start following us to receive an email each week when a new W.O. post is published!



-Furbish: we love it for the curator’s eclectic, editing eye… high-to-low vintage and contemporary pieces with great flare. Totally visually and aesthetically appealing items, in an especially awesome layout.

-Couverture and the Garbstore: We love the way they speak to the background of every designer and focus on unique and unusual sources for men’s, women’s and children’s merchandise for clothing and the home.

-Forget Me Not: geometric- and novelty-printed scarves are laid out against a 'Burning Man'-esque backdrop.

-Wise Markit: according to Refinery29’s write-up, “think Pinterest-meets-eBay.”

-Want Les Essentials de la Vie: a new twist on iconic investment handbags and totes, from leather to canvas in exciting colorways.

-Poketo: for colorful accessories.

-Eco-Me: we love the thoughtful motivation behind this environmentally friendly cleaning products brand, and it's got such fun packaging!

THE BLOGS (and some sites)


-Opening Ceremony’s blog: it's our downtown-based go-to resource before NYC trips, they have tons of topics from which you can choose to read, from the latest art openings to newly discovered ‘bites on a budget’.

-Goop: from Gwyneth Paltrow and crew – perfect to consult before you travel anywhere internationally or domestically… and, new to the re-vamped goop site is merchandise on which Gwyneth Paltrow has collaborated with previously goop-featured designers

-Roger Vivier, web site and blog: these get our shout-out no question! the blog is called Ines Little Diaries, after model Ines de la Fressange. We’d show you photos, but we want you to visit this for yourself – the virtual world of Roger Vivier is a must-see!

-Amano, web site and blog: local to Georgetown! this is another web site that is beautifully laid out, and stay tuned for more blog posts.

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