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VaniLLa Bean: Our Coated Canvas Works Perfectly with Edgy, Affordable Fashion

This week on the blog we are exercising our right to wear coated canvas... with just about everything in your fall wardrobe! On Monday we start off with the younger set in mind, providing stylish examples of the latest trends at great price points; on Friday we'll close with pieces for the traveller, since the SCOUT woman is always on the move. Enjoy!

At left and right, one of the hottest boots for fall, at a very hot price! ASOS River Island Salin White Studded Boots (L); ASOS River Island Saline Studded Boots (R).


Clockwise from top left: H&M Dress - a pair of oxblood tights and tall brown boots would look polished and cool for class or work; H&M Pants - these are a fun, abstract take on a zig-zag pattern - style as H&M has, with understated hues that simply complement the print on your pant; Zara Two-Tone Zip Jacket - this one is cozy and chic! wear over a tee (as shown), or over a button-down for a layered look; Zara Bomber Jacket with Diamante - like on the boots above, the diamante embellishment on this jacket is a must-have motif for the season; Zara Printed Skinny Pants - printed pants made their way onto clothing racks last year, and they are still going strong, as evidenced by the two pairs we feature here! if you're shy to try a bold print in color, aim for something in black & white or another combination like neutral & white; SCOUT Daytripper in VaniLLa Bean Black; H&M Jacket - this graphic print will look great year round, especially layered over each season's richer hues.

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