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Unlikely Combos: for the Traveller

"In the 70s and 80s, it was very unlikely to mix your patterns, textures, and proportions of clothing – the recombining of these advocates the unlikely yet contemporary combinations within our line, which then extends itself to your own fashion story. Today we're featuring the best in chic 'airport wear', but first, a quick note on coats: to get the best bang for your buck, you may have to invest in a slightly more expensive piece –you have to consider a timeless cut and good, well-constructed fabric. This will ensure longevity, season after season.”















HIGH PRICE POINT, LOOK 1: From left to right, some covetable items for your closet... Max Mara Studio's Silk and Wool Double-Breasted Coat is functional and fashionable, button it or wrap it to keep yourself warm; Donna Karan's Parachute Jumpsuit in this 'mushroom' tone is flattering on just about every skin tone and will look particularly fab on a dinner date; Christian Louboutin's 'Gril' Cut-Out Leather Boots are some fierce statement makers; Dries Van Noten's Long Gloves are luxury at your fingertips; SCOUT's Fast Getaway Roller Bag will be your go-to travel companion.












LOW PRICE POINT, LOOK 2: From left to right, some perfectly-priced items for fall/winter... ASOS's Army Leather Peep Toe Lace-Up Boot has a chunkier heel so it will be uber-comfy if you have to race to the gate; J. Crew's Zip Leather Gloves in this more coral orange will complement most accent colors and hues; SCOUT's Uptown Girl can hold those necessary airport items you keep nearby and it leaves room for a scarf and a magazine for during your flight; this Halston Heritage Long-Sleeve Jumpsuit is retro-inspired yet contemporary in cut, particularly along the neckline, with its sophisicated 'V' and ruched sleeveslastly, this Lauren by Ralph Lauren Cyril Wool Wrap Coat will be your never-regret investment piece for winter, one to take good care of that you later might pass down to a daughter or goddaughter.

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