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University Week: Navy & Red for Penn

“College/University colors with a twist: dress for success at your alma mater, but give it a SCOUT twist! Here are some of our suggestions for thinking and styling out of the box, and we just can’t get enough of ‘logo-wear’! calling on Penn's urban sophisticates, those who take numerous trips into downtown Philadelphia... for fall/winter 2012, wear something unexpected such as the modern toggle coat (once referred to as the 'car coat'); or, if you want to stay on-trend, a cropped puffer jacket is just as chic.

QUAKERS IN RED COATS: from left to right, some puffers... this Joseph Kelly Quilted Down Jacket is a universally-flattering red tone because it's a bit more faded than lipstick red; while Duvetica's Thia Full-Zip Coat is slightly sportier than its Joseph comparison, the vibrant red maintains ladylike chic, so it's perfect en route to the gym and just as suitable en route to paint the town red; lastly, DKNY's Long-Sleeved Quilted Puffer Jacket is classic meets luxe: with its simple construction, only up close can you see the cozy sweater material that envelopes its owner; from left to right, modern toggle coats... no brand is more classic than Burberry, so when channelling this trend its easiest with the Yorkleigh Military Red Duffle Coat from Burberry's Brit collection; Moschino's Ruched Wool Coat offers more of a waist to complement your shape; speaking of shape, no designer cuts & constructs more womanly shapes in her clothing than Vivienne Westwood, and her Wool-Blend Duffle Coat exemplifies just that with its flowier drop-waist.



























NAVY PANTS & COMBAT BOOTS: from left to right, tote SCOUT's Grand Plan in Brittany's Stripe when you want a little Quaker pep in your step; wear J Brand's Mid-Rise '514' Corduroy Jeans tucked into or out of Rag & Bone's Classic Combat Boot; for a more minimalist interpretation, tote SCOUT's Grand Plan in Indigo Go, our coated denim, and wear with J Brand's Low-Rise Skinny Corduroy Pants tucked into Forever 21's Wide-Calf Combat Boots.

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