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Trends to Take on For Fall: the Loafer-Inspired Heel

"Two of the most important influences on the 2011-2012 fall/winter season are the decades of the 70s and 80s: perhaps the most controversial period in recent fashion history, the 70s and 80s brought with them unusual scales, combinations, and colors to the fashion arena. It's important to remember that the disco era was captivating the nightlife during this time, which in turn trickled down into fashion; additionally, menswear influences were evolving to accommodate women in the workforce; fashion, therefore, was trying its best to interpret these. (*A note on the hues exhibited in this era: use jewel tones sparingly – they are often too harsh for most skin tones, but you can still have fun with them by wearing one jewel tone piece on the bottom.) This week we’ve picked five looks that we feel have transitioned well to the contemporary fashion runways, looks that every fashionista should consider for the upcoming season. Today we're featuring the loafer-inspired heel... Heeled loafers are best when they are detailed by platform, penny loafer, tassel, color-blocking, or mixed-medium treatments. Consider the high-heeled loafer the perfect combination of comfort, timeless appeal, and sex appeal. Think day and evening for this menswear-inspired look."

CONTEMPORARY CLASSICS: from left to right, Opening Ceremony's High Heeled Loafers are two-toned in the heel and body of the shoe and will look especially cool with a pair of cropped black pants; Marc by Marc Jacobs makes a very simple heeled loafer with this sleek interpretation; lastly, Tod's Penny Loafer Pumps in chocolate suede offer support on the ball of your foot with a well-placed platform, making a perfect pair for the girl who runs around at her job; for an easy transition from work to a workout, tote a change of clothes and shoes in SCOUT's Hilary Duffle in Sweetpea Stripe.



















DARE TO WEAR: from right to left, some more daring styles of the heeled loafer... Superga's heeled loafers take hue cues from fall foliage, and will be a great, comfortable pair of heels to wear with your neutral separates; Alexander Wang's Anais Metallic High-Heeled Loafers will no doubt become a classic in your wardrobe since, as we all know, metallics complement just about any look; lastly, Miu Miu's Anthracite Glitter Platform Penny Loafer Pumps will be fantastic for a day-to-night shoe, just soften them for a workday by pairing with a grey pencil skirt or trousers; SCOUT's Hilary Duffle in neutral hue Indigo Go will suit any of the styles at left.

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