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Trends to Take on For Fall: Mixed-Medium Outerwear

"Two of the most important influences on the 2011-2012 fall/winter season are the decades of the 70s and 80s: perhaps the most controversial period in recent fashion history, the 70s and 80s brought with them unusual scales, combinations, and colors to the fashion arena. It's important to remember that the disco era was captivating the nightlife during this time, which in turn trickled down into fashion; additionally, menswear influences were evolving to accommodate women in the workforce; fashion, therefore, was trying its best to interpret these. (*A note on the hues exhibited in this era: use jewel tones sparingly – they are often too harsh for most skin tones, but you can still have fun with them by wearing one jewel tone piece on the bottom.) This week we’ve picked five looks that we feel have transitioned well to the contemporary fashion runways, looks that every fashionista should consider for the upcoming season. Today we're featuring mixed-medium coats and jackets... The new focus on adding dimension to a coat or jacket is on the sleeve and hem area. Consider combinations of leather and mohair, wool felt, and stressed leather, or tweed and solid melton. This kind of outerwear takes basic silhouettes to a new level."

THE LONG: from left to right, Prabal Gurung's Zip-Sleeve Coat has billowy sleeves as part of its blanket-like structure, but the trim leather sleeves make it stand out as a one-of-a-kind piece; this Fur Collar Coat from 3.1 Phillip Lim involes a couple of mixed mediums, in particular fur, leather, and knit, along with contrasting neutral hues, olive green with grey with black; lastly, Burberry Prorsum's Wool Tweed Trench Coat has the added luxe touch of fox fur sleeves, wear it with black or grey trousers; tote SCOUT's Daytripper in Stripe Deux Soleils, a bold, multicolor stripe featuring hues that would complement any of the ones at left.






















AND THE SHORT OF IT: from left to right, Malene Birger's Luella Coat is softened by its bodice, then strengthened by its leather skirt-waist and buckles; Rick Owens' Leather-Sleeved Mohair-Blend Jacket is at first architectural, but becomes dressy with drapes of mohair that fold down the front; lastly, Tibi's Shearling Biker Jacket is, like the above coat from 3.1 Phillip Lim, a nod to contrasting neutrals, with the extra comfort of a shearling collar; balance shorter hemlines with a larger tote like SCOUT's Weekender in Stripe Deux Soleils.

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