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Travel Guides: Paris & Milan


When Deb is away,

the kiddies will


Paris & Milan are waiting, so allons-y e andiamo!



Gray sweatshirt "messaging" is everywhere right now. Quick relevant anecdote: when my friend from Spain stayed with us for a month during my senior year, my parents sent her back with a suitcase full of me and brother's remaining school logo-d and athletic team sweatshirts. She'd been dying to purchase one the entire visit, so they were more than happy to throw her a couple bones.  I think Cristina still dons her "Honeybear Basketball" hoodie for leisure times, like study dates at cafes and evening kickbacks on the beaches of Málaga.

So, if you still happen to own one of the classic, GAP logo hoodies from your youth, then this fall is the perfect time to bust out that old heirloom. Likewise, your college or university logo sweatshirt is another easy go-to and has the added "casual American" effect. Fortunately, I'm heading back to my old stomping grounds for my younger brother's, Parent's Weekend.  Naturally, first order of business will be paying a quick visit to the bookstore and scouring the joint for a fresh sweatshirt with messaging.

I love trenches and have recently been debating investing in one this fall.  Now I have Deb’s update to solidify my ~adult~ decision to purchase.  Trenches in hues of beige, khaki, and olive are trending upwards and perfect for those of us who want to give the old black Patagonia windbreaker a break.  They’re perfect for tying together any casual or dressy ensemble, regardless of weather conditions.  As soon as the thermometer strikes 50, I’m trenching into khaki-chic-Nancy-Drew-investigative-journalist-mode.

Beep, beep!  We're raving about this Fendi display that we'll call, "bicycle chic bicycle elegant."  These quirky mannequins in red are visions of the ultimate ensembles a deux!  This display rocks and makes me think of current commuter meets handmaid.  This is 2017, people! GWTP. Paris is also prepping for bundling up and getting funky with colorful and plush knits, tassels, tweed, and yarn fringe.


Okay, so first off, we'll address an email sent via OutLook email on Monday 9/25/2017 3:48 pm when Deb Johns replied: “Eating endless piles of pasta…lol.”

I was thrilled to know that Deb was indulging herself with pasta like one, Strega Nona (and lol-ing while doing so).  But, where are the pasta pics?!  “Endless piles,” you say?!  Deb, I see no piles.  So, please, please send me an Erin some pics of something like a pile of muscles, pappardelle, and turmeric.  Anything!  Linguine is fine too!  We’re just dying for the gluten over here.

Granted, Deb did send some lovely shots of the light, airy fair many of us may expect to be atypical French cuisine.  I almost lost it while clicking through shots of heirloom tomatoes, fresh arugula and basil, prosciutto, some sort of divine looking quiche Lorraine, even figs. There’s nothing too heavy, which is a definite game changer if you’re on the move about town.  Do as the Parisians do to avoid that sluggish, post-Thanksgiving-3 pm-feeling.  The need for naps can also be avoided by afternoon caffeine breaks.  You’ve probably noticed a teapot in every photo—just tons and tons of tea (Deb loves tea).

Peep this bold entry to the Chanel store in Marais. The logo is really making it's presence known amidst the cobblestone.

Pont des Arts or Passerelle des Arts is the pedestrian bridge crossing over the River Seine.  The bridge connects the Institut de France and Palais du Louvre. “Love locks” with couple’s first names engraved or written on either side cover the railings of the bridge in entirety.  As a romantic gesture, tourists and pedestrians close their lock and toss the key into the Seine.  If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s love, so you can imagine how many locks there are on this bridge.  Locks are locked on locks on locks. Looks cool but is crazy heavy.  Understandably, in 2014, the mayor had to put a ban on the “love locks,” for threat of having to collapse the bridge.  Several locks have managed to make their way onto the bridge’s lampposts as an alternative medium.  In Deb’s words, “Some things are meant to live on!”   So, if you’re feeling down, try to imagine like 45 tons worth of love, ie. enough to collapse a bridge.  And, that’s not even including all the love without locks.  ~mind blown~

Deb, if you don’t return with SCOUT bags full of French market sweets…

Deb also stopped and appreciated one of the many mosaic covered floors at A Priori The during her ritual tea-break.  Next time she’ll have to include her staple Adidas sneakers atop this groovy design.  Perfect content for  Ihavethisthingwithfloors.  Looks like someone’s finding some Fall/Winter ’18 pattern inspo.


Speaking of "inspiration," La Maison Dior is celebrating 70 years (1947-2017) of Christian Dior at Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs.  Oh what I would give to go to step foot in this exhibit.

We’ll have to dedicate a segment to Deb’s time in this museum, although seeing it in person is the only true way to do it justice.  The exhibit is a retrospective tribute to the iconic, House of Dior.  Dior started as an art gallery owner and became one of the most influential designers in fashion history.  With the likes of Yves St. Laurent, John Galliano, Raf Simons, and Gianfranco Ferre following in his footsteps, the House of Dior remains dynamic throughout the ages.

Since no one wants to be that tourist who stands out like a dad at a One Direction concert, we're giving you a few examples of local Parisian fashion that you can cater and tailor according to your personal style.

Citrons with hues of varied Italian ice flavors are filling shops and wardrobes of Italy’s inhabitants.  Better put in Deb’s words, there’s an “Italian love affair with all things yellow.”  Ah!  How fun!  I want to be a part of the love, so today I’m wearing my yellow gingham prairie dress (and black Nike tennis shoes, for comfort and added bumble effect).

The always elegant, ivory is also trending, along with pale and bright pastels. Also, do great minds think alike or what?!  Milan's coming in hot on trench train as well.  They're giving us some added Italian flare with trenches in all colors and fabrics, belted and un!



Basically, we should all do as the Romans do and put some color in our closets.  This must be an Italian remedy for avoiding SAD.  Let’s board this yellow (and pastel) submarine.



Shady, convent converted Four Seasons makes for the ultimate Milanese al-fresco lunch.  Deb loves this spot with the most beautiful food and impeccable service.  Dining here was a rare and special treat for Deb before the airline food on her flight to London.

Definitely mad for tea and plaid at Corso Como 10.

I would absolutely visit Elle Magazine’s tribute to 40 years of fashion with their overhead exhibit of magazine covers through the ages on the underside of umbrellas.  There's something a little Lizzie McGuire Movie about this that reminds me of why Italian fashion rocks.  We get a taste of that wonderful, vibrant yellow again with what looks to be the Milanese version of bike share.  Remember our Fendi display, friends--go places with "bicycle chic bicycle elegant."  Clearly, this city's vibrancy doesn't fade at dark.  By night, Deb checked out the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II right across from her Hotel Spadari Al Duomo.

Safe to say that we need to pack our yellow, citrus, pastels, and maybe some stacked black booties if we're heading to Paris or Milan.


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