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Travel Guide: Paris

Bonjour, mes bonbons,

Deb’s back in the game, back in the high life, and coming at you live from Paris, France. Let’s talk for one sentence about the fact that Deb is in the "city of love" on Valentine’s Day. OK. End of discussion. Back to the French thing. Rustle up your baguettes, berets, and bicycles for our French Connection with the ingredients to become the calm, cool Parisian you always dreamed of.

Fash forward.

For the best selection of designer looks from around the globe, sashay on over to Le Bon Marche, or as Deb says, “the Left Bank’s answer to Bergdorf Goodman.” Shop luxe and contemporary designer brands or the on-trend selection varying from accessories to home goods. Yep. Me want to go to there.

Go on with your plaid self.

As a self-avowed plaidict, I’m hundy p (100%) certain I’d lose my last ounce of cool at a Burberry destination store in FRANCE. In case you were wondering, there is such a thing as “spring plaids,” and you can find them nestled within the Burberry realm of Le Bon Marche. I know I’d be stockpiling my yearly plaid ration full of these beauts in refreshing color combos.

Hello Fresh.

Check out this vibrant salad of vegetable garden tones, perfect for spring. Discover dynamic designers on the rise cleverly featured with familiar ones in this hue haven. You, Maison Rabih Kayrouz, have quite the green thumb.

I’d definitely swipe Hype.

In the name of all that is holy, will you look at this resplendent work of art? Oh, that I were a back upon that pack. So perfect, so crisp, so fire, are thee, glorious backpack from Type Hype. This fully loaded wall has me completely shook.

I wanna get to know ya.

L/Uniform is getting personal this St. Valentin and making a great impression. Nothing says, “Je t’aime” like a delectable red satchel with monogramming. My bag would say something clever like, “Au revoir, Pee Wee!” And, yes, this is the second time I’ve referenced Oscar worthy flick, Pee Wee’s Great Adventure, on the blog.

Fleur Delacour.

OK, Paris has me shook again. Can you believe these little darlings are faux? Deb loved seeing these faux spring flowers on a rainy day. At least, the feels were real.

I pink I love you, so what am I so afraid of?

Oh my Pantone 13-1520, Merci has gone Millennial Pink on us. I’m not gonna lie, I’m so into it. This concept store is currently stocked with all the right shades of pink to wear and use in your home.

Zou Bisou Bisou.

Bisou, located in the Passage des Panoramas, is where Deb treated herself to Valentine’s dinner of a Ceasar salad crepe. With a name that translates to “kiss” in English and jars of heart-shaped candies, this creperie is very on-brand for the occasion. Comme c’est romantique, Deborah!

Like one of your French girls.

I am so envious of DWJ channeling a major Amélie-vibe at Les Deux Magots. Oh, you know, just a casual snack of chocolate mousse, coffee, and tea. If I find out she cracked open a fresh crème brûlée with a spoon, I will totally lose it.

Bon Appétit.

Newly revived with magical restaurants, the Passage des Panoramas is the spot for a one-off, original dining experience with great PoV and style. I mean, check out that winged wolf.

On Wednesdays we wear cords.

FYI, my mother would act a fool in The Cords. If there’s one thing Rosemary Sanders loves, it’s a fresh pair of cords. In case you missed it, For the Love of Corduroy features corduroy only. Don’t worry, my cordies, there’s also an outpost in NYC.

How many wonders can one cavern hold.

For over 40 years La Droguerie has been the source for a rainbow of yarn and other fun sundries for the Marais District. If I'm ever in Paris, I will need to reserve a full business day for this endeavor.

All hail the prince of fashion.

Are pants your staple wardrobe piece? They sure are mine. Do you like military or safari canvas jackets? Like them? I love them! A proclivity for animal prints? Doy. Visit the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris for a look inside the original workspace and hundreds of renderings sketched by haute couture’s hero. Yves, we thank you, you’re truly a Saint.

Noir little secret.

So, we’re basically getting the ingredients to the sauce they put on the Big Mac. Because Deb revealed Petit Bateau is her go-to source for her stacks on stacks of black tees. These long and short sleeved striped basic tees are so classically french I’m swooning. Oh là là.

Next stop on the Hit Parade.

“If you really want to feel a burst of color that signals the first breath of spring, check out Victoire. This multi-brand boutique is a top shop on the hit parade and features well-curated, color driven stories. Unique, yet wearable, selections make this shop a must stop!” Deb says. I couldn’t say it better myself. Victory’s never been sweeter than a trip to Victoire.

Got a hundred G’s in my Goyard (we wish).

This is a “bag in a bag,” if I’ve ever seen one (besides our Plus 1, of course). A classic Goyard bag framed in a net-like mesh body with structured handles makes me want to swan dive from the bow of a fishing boat in the South of France. Goyard is the best place to find a new twist on a luxury brand classic.

I "c" both sides like Chanel.

Only Chanel can create a roller board that looks like an OG Chanel suit. This is heavily on brand and delightful.

Gucci gang. Gucci gang. Gucci gang.

The Year of the Dog is in full swing at Gucci Paris. Deb sees Gucci shining and says, “their stick is steadily rising.” The embellished bags and accessories with a heavy dog focus only make their case stronger. Well played, Gucci.

“This slab of green is not to be missed” - DJW.

Welcome to Deb’s favorite place to take in some rays with a view, le Jardin des Tuileries. These beautiful curated gardens are flanked by the Louvre and place de la Concorde. Warm up for your dinner at Anahi with a couple laps around the Louvre’s backyard.

Vale la pena.

Anahi, located at the top end of the Marais district, has made a stunning comeback for its on-trend patrons. For once, I can actually speak from experience and confirm that any place with an Argentine spin on meat is going to be riquisimo (After spending 5 months in Buenos Aires, I am essentially una Portena). Also, if you’re a gulosa like Deb or myself, then you’ll probably be hoovering the chocolate souffle before you can say, “una especialidad de casa…” Deb guarantees Anahi is worth the walk or run.

Un je ne sais quoi.

For a total Parisian immersion lunching experience, you’ll want to book it to the Hôtel Relais Saint Germain’s restaurant, “Le Comptoir.” This is one of those restaurants where you cannot get a reservation. It doesn’t matter if you’re Joan of Arc’s great, great, great, great, great, granddaughter, you’re going to need to get in line. The atmosphere and food are perfect with unexpected twists on traditional cuisine. Get in line before noon, and getting a table will be well-worth the wait.

Don’t be afraid to catch (F)Eels.

Not to be a creep, but I highly recommend clicking this link to the Eels homepage and checking out the team. I've got to be frank and say these young professionals are really, really, really good looking. It's an appeal beaming from the inside out, because they look truly happy, which is super refreshing in a time when everyone takes themselves way too seriously (myself included). I digress. Let's focus on the food prepared by the hands of these local French angels that Deb said was, “choreographed with precision and finesse.” I completely agree, even from across the pond, this food is as vibrant, chic, and alluring as the chefs who constructed it. My final recommendation is following restaurant.eels account on Instagram.

Alitalia the rage.

Here’s a fun shot of Deb’s breakfast of champions en route from Paris to Milan, courtesy of Alitalia airlines. Reason #389: Why Europe is way cool.

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