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Travel Guide: London

Ello poppets.

Deb’s in London now which makes my heart race. “Why?” you ask? Because she could be within meters from a member of One Direction, that’s why. Deb’s doing brilliant stuff, so you won’t want to Brexit until you’ve read more.

PS. If she were to meet one of them, I’d want it to be Niall...

Do it for Julia Child.

Blanchette’s serving up new spins on home-cooked french dishes and is a must-stop on the London dining train. With flavorful and well-plated dishes, genuinely friendly and knowledgeable staff, and great small plates, the whole experience is simply magnifique.

A rose by any other name.

Located on the top level in Dover Street Market, Rose Bakery offers on-trend healthy bites in a trendy, yet understated, setting. If you know Deb, then you’re familiar with her affinity for immunity boosting juices. Fortunately, she’s found a spot across the pond that offers daily juices, plus salads, sandwiches, and quiches made with fresh ingredients to fuel her day. YGG, Debbie.

Here for a tea time, not a long time.

Just as it’s “5 o’clock somewhere,” tea time is all the time at Fortnum & Mason, one of Britain’s most popular destinations for tea. Fun fact: One Christmas, the family of my brother’s British exchange student sent us a Fortnum & Mason gift basket. Most importantly, this is where Deb goes to turn up on tea, so we’re hot for its flavor.

Stop. Collaborate and listen.

John Derian is collaborating with the Designer Guild to create fabrics and wallpapers that are detailed and decorated with lively colors and motifs. The partnership, previously owned by Christian Lacroix, is a match made in heaven. This is Deb’s favorite home decor stop in Europe, and her Georgetown home is covered in Designer Guild textiles.

Technicolor dreamcoat(s & accessories).

Burberry has revamped its classic plaid by running a rainbow stripe through the print. Welcome to the rainbow tribe, guys.

Taste the rainbow.

Looks like Hummingbird Bakery is joining the rainbow squadron as well. In my opinion, their approach really takes the cake. Insta poll: How do we feel about a “rainbow tea”?

Who let the dogs out.

No one (that we know of…) has mastered Dachshund handbags and RTW like Thom Brown. The high dollar, novelty line is featured in high-end boutiques across Europe. Visit Dover Street or Slefridges for this boujee statement wear.

Raindrops, drop tops.

Top Shop prides itself on featuring spot-on looks at great prices. We’re proud of them, too, since on-trend, fast fashion is hard to come by. Real recognize real, if you’re not in a state of “hands-free” these days, then you may as well be driving a horse-drawn buggy. Top Shop hears this message loud and clear and has become the destination for hot fanny packs, worn around the waist or slung across the chest, and cross body shoulder bags. Thanks for keeping us relevant, TS.

The 80’s called.

London’s, Joseph, has revamped 80's fashion in a way that Deb refers to as, “almost appealing.” Though she feels the 80's seriously challenged our sense of good taste, Deb recognizes Joseph’s ability to push boundaries with bold shoulder pads, pantsuits, single-button jackets, and jumpsuits. They haven’t forgotten rad, quintessentially 80’s hues, like cobalt blue, bottle green, mauve, taupe, and flesh tone.

Just a girl, standing in front of a boy.

Full of colorful homes, Notting Hill attracts loads of foot traffic and tourists (there's also the whole Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant appeal, but who's counting).

Someone’s knocking at the door.

Chloe Alberry is an amazing vintage home, pardon, technically “hardware,” store that specializes in door handles, cabinet fittings, hooks, and mirrors. Deb also loves this excellent source for Royal Family tins and China.

You are what you eat (really good looking).

Locally grown food in a whitewashed landscape makes for the ideal market, gift store, and restaurant in Westbourne Grove. The chill, yet stylish, clientele creates a great ambiance and people watching in the health food utopia that is Daylesford Farm.

Bag Swag

From novelty plaid to basic black, backpacks are essential for the hands-free transport of all your cricket balls, jumpers, and other effects. Function meets fashion fusion, mates.

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