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Travel Guide: Dallas


This week, DWJ and our SCOUT cowgirls have been deep in the heart of Texas, at the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market.  For all you strangers to the world of retail, going to “Market” requires a relatively intense amount of effort from all participants. Trade shows ain’t for the faint of heart, so you’ve got to come in guns-a-blazin’, ready to make deals, and take names. With this in mind, you’d think DWJ and our regional sales managers wouldn’t have time to bee-bop around Dallas for blog research. Well, they made time, darn it. Because, when you’re doing it Texas-style, you better be bold, brassy, and mean business. Now, giddy up. We’ve got a travel guide to get to.

Our PR luncheon was held in the T-Room at Forty Five Ten, which combines great food and ambiance with a curated array of on-trend gift and lifestyle brands.  Deb dubbed this luxury retail destination the "must-see and dine" in Dallas. A great time was had by all as guests picked their pattern from our Spring/Summer 2018 swatches. We can't stop talking about how positive the dialogue, atmosphere, and general vibes were. I, personally, would have bee-lined to the kids' coloring table where a beaded, stuffed poodle display observes your artistic mastery from the sidelines.

This 8,000 square foot renovated historic building is filled with an extensive mix of products from established names to stylists on the rise. The designer’s dreamland has received international praise for fostering the careers of emerging designers. With collections by the likes of Sacai, Celine, Prada, and Alaia, a sacred union of light, airy, and edgy is born.

OKAY, I need to make a serious announcement. Ladies, stop shopping, stop looking, and surrender to Veronica Beard. Their mission statement is living proof: "Veronica Beard is an elevated American sportswear brand that strikes the balance between classic and cool. . .These perfectly designed essentials are both effortless and chic, each piece mixing superior tailoring with the highest level of quality and fit." Sisters-in-law, Veronica Miele Beard, and Veronica Swanson Beard, used fashion sorcery to create style-smoothie of chic, effortless, cool, athleisure purity. Warning: if you're reading at work, do not go to their website. You'll fall under a heart-eyes emoji trance.

With delicious chicken salad, peanut butter and pepper jelly sandwiches, and egg cartons filled with mini cupcakes, Bird Bakery has exactly what you need to satisfy all your sweet and savory cravings. This sunny, yummy, and refreshing bakery and café was created by total bae, Elizabeth Chambers. You may recognize her by her ultimate bae-husband, Armie Hammer. A sunlit café, fresh chicken salad, and Elizabeth and Armie Hammer? This is what dreams are made of.

Have you ever passed out on a Saturday afternoon watching "Chrisley Knows Best" and awakened with an empty feeling? You think to yourself, “Wow, I need to do something enriching. Perhaps, I could listen to some live music? Or go somewhere for a craft cocktail or fancy beer? Or stare at some art, rather than the screen of my iPad.” If you live in Deep Ellum, you’ve probably never felt this way, because this hood is popping off with funky murals, revived historic buildings, blues and indie concert venues, art galleries, breweries, fuego Tex-Mex joints, and tons of edgy and enriching opportunities for fun.

Hit the Market at Highland Park Village for some serious retail therapy, sweet treats from Sugarfina, and hunting for jewelry and clever accessories. Whoa. Each of those activities are on my mental checklist for how to feel happy and safe. There’s truly no better medicine than window shopping at contemporary and designer boutiques, eating champagne gummies, and splurging on a funky necklace or clutch.

This totally original concept store intermixes vintage and contemporary elements across a range of all ages and themes. Deb calls it “the brightest retail star in the Deep Ellum hood.” This place definitely aligns with DWJ style and aesthetic. And, I think the feeling's mutual, because they'll now be carrying SCOUT! You go, Life of Riley!

We'll be back in the Lone Star State faster than you can say, "THERE'S NO BASEMENT IN THE ALAMO?!" Until then, don't rile the wagon master.

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