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Travel Guide: Boston

Red Sox. The Affleck's.  Lobster rolls. MIT. Clam chowder. Cream pies. Dunkin' Donuts. Harvard.  Goodwill Hunting.

You guessed it.

We've got a wicked smaht guide to the Hub, so buckle up, chowdaheads. 'Cause, we're 'bout to park the car in Harvard Yard.


A group of our team members were witching around Massachusetts and checking in with some of our retailers.  They had roughly 24 hours to explore a three mile radius near their hotel, so they rolled into Boston hot and ready for the local action on Charles and Newberry Street.

Our VP of Sales & Marketing, Kate Kegan, was born in Boston (she moved to New York in kindergarten, but her dad was born and raised).  She knows her way around and, naturally, took on the role of unofficial tour guide.  The brood stayed in the Theater District, and like a doting mother goose, Kate led the team through Boston Common where they took this jovial pic with the Make Way for Duckling's statues.

So, they "made way" and kept moving.  Meanwhile, Megan wistfully snapped photos hearkening back to a simpler time as she passed through a local farmer's market.  The aesthetic reads successful harvest--  Touchdown Puritans!

No place I'd rather be than an open air bookstore with $3 specials!  Megan, you should have picked up a copy of something vvv Massachusetts for me, ie. Natty Hawthorne, re.  The Scarlet Letter #puritanical.

Deb loved the Beacon Hill Hotel with those West Village-vibes.  The historic property is quaint, intimate and upscale.

Oh boy.  The chics raved about Tatte.  This is where Megan claims she ate the best egg sandwich of her life and Deb said the "pastries were unreal," rivaling those of Europe.


It's Pizza Time all the time at Figs and Upper Crust.  Todd English's, Figs, draws a slightly bourgeois  pizza scene, whereas Upper Crust is more of the "people's" pizza with a take out vibe (my kind of joint).  Regardless, both rock, because pizza is a food of the gods.  Seriously, like, even "bad" pizza is good.


If you've only ever read one other post involving Deb Johns, then you know she's a sucker for all things French, Italian and European in general.  So, a store called "French & Italian" is going to be her kryptonite. This true, well-curated boutique is one Deb Johns heaven.  Walk in and get a full overview of what's happening in the world of fashion.

Flat of the Hill is one of our best SCOUT customers.  This store has a really nice point of view with awesome gifts and home goods.

You can't go wrong with a whimsy boutique like December Thieves, I mean, look at that hair! Doesn't get much more fun than that.  Deb says it's chocked full of product, we're talking wall-to-wall, peeps.

Black Ink has impeccable point of view stationary and party supplies.  I can see myself getting sucked into a major shopping vortex in here.  So long, Paper Source, I always loved you...

Upon further meditation, Megan and I realized she never crossed the entry threshold of this magnificent, Restoration Hardware.  Because, Deb KNEW Megan had just moved into her new apartment, and if there's one thing we know about Megan, it's her insatiable thirst for modern home goods.  Exhibit A: we bought a blanket and candle as a work-a-versary gift for Sarah Ortman the other day.  We got a killer discount, like, fist pumping and high fiving a million angels good.  Megan was so jazzed she suggested just buying what they had left in stock as company gifts for the entire team (don't worry, we mustered the strength to exhibit self control).  Point being, Megan would be Restoration Hardware's newest tenant if they were leasing studios.  But, hey, the digs wouldn't be too shabby.

The ladies really took the "all or nothing" approach to conquering Boston.  I think this is the move when you're "on business" and the fun clock's a tickin'.  For example, Megan Principe suggests going to MiniLuxe nail salon, if you're up for a splurge.  Pro Tip: tell the estheticians you're 10 years old and get a TeenyLuxe Pedicure for only $28.  Kate felt festive and went with a little nail art.  Then, everyone laughed.  Waaht a faahbulous time!

I'm pretty sure Deb spent a pretty healthy chunk of time at the Godfrey, so I feel authorized advising others to stay there.  If we had booked this polished hotel in a pre-war building, Deb would have been like Megan in a Restoration Hardware aka signing a lease/booking a room with indefinite checkout.  Store visits?  Cancelled.  Checking out local boutiques? No thanks.  Fresh air?  Nah, she's good.  Deb was hot for the Godfrey's flavor, especially the in-house restaurant, Ruka.  "Peruvian, Japanese AND Chinese food.  It's nuts," she mused.  They also met her daily tea-needs with George Howell Coffee Shop, which she described as, "Hip.  Fast-service.  Can't beat it."  I agree, Deb.  I agree.

We have a the OG G-Town Cupcake location about 700 feet from our offices, so yeah, this gets my personal stamp of approval.  I was actually kind of shocked to see it has other locations.  Did my undergrad boyfriend "order" my birthday cupcakes (they were never delivered, I may add) from the DC location or Boston or Lord knows where?!  *Hint: he never ordered them, but it's the thought that counts.   Regardless, their cupcakes are fire, and I'm into the Boston location's storefront.

Thinking Cup is a destination, go-to coffee shop.  We love ripping coffee, here at SCOUT.  We may even be coffee snobs...What?  Who said that?! Not me.  So, if our sisterwives were into it, then you know it's legit.  Wow.  I'm settin' the coffee bar REAL high with that^ statement.

It was difficult for me to talk with my squadron about Committee, because I was incensed, like a wicked step-sister who didn't get asked to the ball.  I could have died of FOMO.


TIKI cocktails?!?!


So, so, so unfair.  I became untethered with jealousy after asking Deb to tell me about the beverage in the above image.  She nonchalantly brushed the question off saying, "Oh geez.  Yeah, ask Megan about that one--the 'Fountain of Youth.'  Those fools ordered it."  Mistake number 1,234: asking Megan about the "Fountain of Youth" cocktail.  It serves 4+ and contains 130 Keel Vodka, Cassis, pineapple, lemon, Benedictine D.O.M. and a bottle of champagne TURN't over in a massive crystal chalice.


Maybe, you're a cool breeze slickity-slick-slick (which I am, obviously, not based off the following introduction).  Well, Riccardi is your spot.  Roll up to this co-ed boutique for luxury sportswear and jeans.

All Saints is my forever aesthetic: British modern goth.  They're always pushing floor to ceiling leather jackets.  When I grow up, I would like to be aloof, minimal and shrouded in leather.  I will go to Spital Fields to achieve desired goals.

Ahhhh, yess. Calypso, where one goes if they are tanned and pumped full of vitamin D and class.  Meryl (Streep) yourself and get swathed in the glorious linens of this St. Barth's inspired boutique.











Give us a plaque at Fenway, because we knocked this trip out of the park.  Bahstan, until next time.  We'll meet on the carner of Charles and Newberry.

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