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Touching on Black & White: What to Wear with...

scout by bungalow bagette bag black and white croc patternBlack & white is unequivocally still a basic look, as well as a sophisticated and contemporary option for spring. Contrast black and white with the additions of different edging and design details... in particular, graphic prints! Use touches of khaki or red for color; also, carry out trends like metallics and animal prints here: the sheen of a silver or a gold lends another 'layer' of color, while the 'skin' of an animal print offers another dimension, which still leaves plenty of room for original color complements. Just remember, readers, that black & white as a combo will never... repeat, never go out of style: black & white was, is, and will continue to be known as the ultimate combo for a timeless and chic look!

COLOR-BLOCKING BLACK & WHITE: when black, white, and not much else, is on the menu for your look... stick with it! all you need are some simple adjustments, like using a striped pattern (which also encourages the theme of graphic prints!), a touch of khaki, like in a belt that isn't 'traditionally' placed, or a pop of red (in this case, a red hat or cap, though a swim cap if you prefer!). With center stage black & white in these looks, you actually allow yourself more room for a metallic, an animal print, or a graphic print, which makes for really fun dressing...

scout by bungalow black and white stripe dress and shirtdressscout by bungalow white and black shift with brown belt detailscout by bungalow black and white dresses red and white swim caps

GRAPHIC PRINTS: whether it's with shoes or a fully-charged outfit, graphic prints look great in black and white! opt for black or white solid trims, or, as shown in the dress below, look to red once again for the perfect pairing next to black & white... the beaded detail on this red 'collar' punctuates the presence of luxury in this graphic print!

scout by bungalow graphic print dress red beaded bibbingscout by bungalow missoni heels white and blackscout by bungalow graphic print sneakers pierre hardy

ANIMAL PRINTS: pair your black & white ensemble with the polished accent of an animal print, best interpreted here through bags; leopard print is often times against a white base (as shown in the roller bag below), snakeskin is almost 'classic' in this grey and white print, and this clutch of black, white, and gold takes its primary cue from the ram, as shown in the 'horn-like' detail below!

scout by bungalow leopard and white with brownscout by bungalow grey and white snakeskin bagscout by bungalow clutch with ram print

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