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'Tis the Season for Giving!

Each year, our Creative Director + Co-Founder Deb matches hundreds of people in need with friends and businesses around DC who are able to help provide Christmas gifts for their families. Months of preparation go into this project; it’s a truly tireless effort on Deb’s part. Dozens of volunteers gather the weekend before Christmas to pack up cars and drop off the gifts.

At SCOUT HQ, this holiday tradition has stuck. Our own team takes on a few families who’ve experienced tough times. Each SCOUT employee shops for a child or two (or three!) and then we join together for a “wrapping party.” Everyone at the office feels strongly about this tradition, and it helps us to get in the spirit knowing we've ensured someone else will have a nice holiday. Check out some pictures from our 2015 Santa’s Helper journey!

IMG_4116 copy Here's Crutcher being merry at the wrapping party.
IMG_4113 Laura and Sarah are wrapping the day away!
IMG_4118 copy Melissa sets up a wrapping station in her own nook.
IMG_4110 copy Tom turned out to be a wrapping savant! Here he is giving Kelly some wrapping tips.
IMG_4198 All the families on the list got a fresh set of towels.
IMG_4194 The master of ceremonies, Deb, wrapping a gift. (She can also tie a mean bow!)
IMG_4114 copy Birch and Kate are having a good ol' time!
Image-1 The finished product! Four families, four Junque Trunks and eight 4 Boys Bags later...
IMG_1281 Deb goes over the plans with dozens of volunteer gift drivers on delivery day.
IMG_1260 SCOUT's own Kelly and Elizabeth helped deliver gifts.
IMG_1262 Here's Elizabeth with The Williams family. Mission accomplished.
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