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The Story Behind the Party

story behind the party header

My group of friends and I recently hosted an engagement dinner for my dear friends Anne and Dave Pulliam. You might know them from their recent feature in September!

ann and dave

Anne and Dave are the kind of amazing friends who you can't help but want to celebrate, because they are always doing the same for others. In preparation for their wedding day we wanted to throw an intimate dinner party with an Italian theme because their upcoming honeymoon was to be in Italy.


Anne_and_Dave-9 (680x1024)

I love a themed party. Or gift for that matter. In that regard, I follow in Deb's footsteps. I feel like a theme gives you a framework for all your ideas and also makes a party much more personal for guests. We hosted the party in the last wisp of summer in DC, so we could dine alfresco. We tried to create an outdoor bistro feel with lots of twinkle and candles. (FYI, I don't recommend burning tall candles if there's any wind. I was picking wax off the decks for days!)

Anne_and_Dave-28 (680x1024)

Anne_and_Dave-14 (680x1024)

We picked blue and white as the colors and recruited one of our favorite DC florists, Highway to Hill, to do the flowers. If you live locally, you must check them out! The food was all Italian small plates because, who doesn't love cheese and pasta and meat! One of my favorite small touches was the ice. I froze rose buds in ice cubes overnight and they made all the drinks look so fancy and fun. It was a great talking point.

Anne_and_Dave-32 (800x531)

SCOUT, of course, made a huge appearance. We used some of the thermal totes for transporting food and for chilling drinks. Two of my friends made all the food, and the Two Plate Special was great for keeping things warm in transit. We loved having The Stiff One handy for keeping bottles of wine and champagne chilled at the bar.

Anne_and_Dave-84 (800x531)

If you want to spoil your your guests, Tiny Packages or Spirit Liftahs make great party favors. You can hang them on chairs or put them on place settings.

_DSC0055 SCOUT Spirit Liftah  in Fleetwood Black_DSC0021 SCOUT Tiny Package

As for the the night's dress, we decided to ask our guests to wear black and white. We also had the bride and groom all in white. Everyone had fun with their outfits and the effect was fabulous for pictures. For myself, I wanted something chic but comfortable. Our office is conveniently right next door to Rent the Runway in Georgetown so I rented this jumpsuit by Sachin & Babi. I paired it with our new wink collection Bacall bag, perfect for heading out on the town post party.

image1Rue Jumpsuit by Sachin & Babi
_DSC0086 SCOUT Bacall in Diamond Rouge

Anne_and_Dave-133 (800x800)

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