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The Fashion Capitals: Highlights from the Trip!

The best of Paris, Milan and London!


Paris SS 2016 mood board shopping dining Paris SS 2016

Ellsworth. Had dinner with Paris friends, Brenda + Gilles, here. Fantastic food by chef Hannah Kowalenko, who I first came across when she was serving her creations out of a house where meals could only be paid for as donations. | Relais de Entrecote. They serve the exact same menu each day and the food is perfection. It is always packed, so you know it's good! | Cafe de Flore. As I mentioned in last week's round-up, I always go here. On this trip, a man rode his motorcycle right into the restaurant and sat down for a bite. I wasn't kidding, the people watching will not disappoint. | Belin Crackers. You can only get these in Europe and I love them, right down to their vibrant packaging! | Mariage Freres Tea. I am a big tea drinker. I love Mariage Freres for their classic perfection. Their teas come in muslin tea bags and beautiful packaging; they have been around for over 150 years and they are the gold standard. | Fragonard. A beautiful shop I always make a point to check into. In Paris, all of the shops want you to have their fabulous bags and carry them around. | Kusmi Tea. This is the new generation of tea in France. They're revitalizing the arena and bringing interesting flavors into the mainstream. | Fauchon. Decadent shop with desserts, teas and more! I love stopping in their stores for their beautiful packaging and atmosphere. | Merci. I mentioned them before as one of my favorite concept stores in Europe. I love finding new things here and I always manage to pick out a few amazing gifts for the girls in the office! | Moncler. They have majorly reinvented themselves in the last few years and if you are in the market you can certainly save yourself a couple hundred dollars on their clothing in France. | Brand Bazar. Love this clothing boutique. Fun and inspiring! | Petit Bateau. Striped catalog! So simple and chic. They do t-shirts and basics to perfection!


milan ss 2016 trip mood board Milan SS 2016

10 Corso Como. Always a highlight of my European trips. One of the best concept stores in all of Europe. | Etro Outlet. As I mentioned before, an amazing store with last seasons fashions at a deep discount. Definitely worth stopping in. | Excelsior. Fabulous boutique with a bold mix of mens and womens fashions. | Bagutta. Amazing profiteroles, food and service. Artists used to pay for their food by drawing on the walls so the ambiance is gorgeous and eclectic. You always have the same waiter and for years mine was a silver haired fox named Gianni. After 20+ years of trips to Milan for work, I saw a feature on Gianni in Italian Vogue. | Funky Table.  Amazing tableware from all over the world. A mixing of all styles! | Liviana Conti. Beautiful clothing and boutique from Milanese designer Liviana Conti. | Spadari al Duomo. My hotel for years! Used to be littered with the fashion set and photographers but things have quieted down in recent years. It's a gorgeous boutique hotel with mixes of mint walls and light colored wood. Around the corner from the Duomo. | Aspesi. Modern mens and womens fashions. European street style.| Toy Watch. Fabulous Italian watchmakers. I made a point to stop in to pick up a watch for my daughter only to find they weren't open. I called to see if anyone would be in that day and they had me down to their headquarters a few blocks away to pick up what I needed. Excellent service! | Maliparmi. A fabulous shop for women's clothing and accessories.


London SS 2016 London SS 2016

Ottolenghi. Famed restaurant where you can dine in or take out. Their delicious recipes can be recreated by purchasing one of their cookbooks, a go-to for friends in Europe. They also serve meringues as big as your head! | Number Sixteen. My hotel for years at the suggestion of friends. Part of the Firmdale Hotel group, 16 is absolutely gorgeous and shows its guests true English hospitality. | Kit and Ace. Canadian company with a London outpost that is emanating some of the best in the street-style trend. | Carluccio's. Authentic Italian food in a fabulous restaurant/market setting. | Rose Bakery. In the Dover Street Market, one of my favorite concept stores in Europe.| German Gymnasium. Quite literally as it sounds, this is a former gymnasium serving up German fare (that I actually enjoyed!) I went here with my old friends Rob and Louise, who are hilarious, and would certainly not suggest just any run of the mill dining option for dinner. Pictures of weightlifters from the olden days adorn the wall, go here for something fun and different. | The Cross. Boutique that sells eclectic, fun and bright housewares, women's and children's fashions and gifts. What more could you want?| Rococo Chocolates. Artisan London chocolatier. | Butler & Wilson. The absolute best in costume jewelry. | JW Anderson. "Workshop" in the Ace Hotel. 250 square feet of inspiring collaborations with other creatives.

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