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The Doors of Georgetown

Hey, guys! It's Megan reporting the latest from SCOUT HQ! Follow me as I take you behind the scenes of our "Doors of Georgetown" photo shoot.

As March approaches the cold and dreary winter days are looking beyond bleak, yet we find refuge in the Georgetown enclave of Washington, D.C - home of SCOUT headquarters. When photoshoot planning began (goal: bring product out of winter doldrums) our Creative Director, Deb, knew we wouldn't need to travel far!

Even on the darkest day, the beautiful exteriors and bright door lined streets keep Georgetown feeling lively. SCOUT products are bright 365 days a year, and we love that this is matched by boldly-painted front doors on the gorgeous, unique rowhomes in the area.


For the shoot, we enlisted the help of veteran models, Kate and Laura. New to the game, Sam, was our first child model + the owner of those killer sneakers!

_DSC0011 Sam and Kate nailing a shot 12 seconds after meeting each other for the first time.
_DSC0132 Have I mentioned that it was the coldest day ever? #Yikes. Sam was a trooper for those few freezing minutes outside!
_DSC0205 Laura, nailing a faux grocery run and #makingitlookeasy!
_DSC0245-2 We love the purple door! We just knew we couldn't shoot the doors of Georgetown without snapping that door.
_DSC0410-2 Fun Fact: You can see this building from SCOUT HQ! We love being able to look out on the Flour Mill's beautiful white facade with stars.
_DSC0468 As I mentioned, it was the coldest day of the year. Kate went above and beyond the call of duty, throwing her jacket aside to grab a shot we could use all the way into spring. #dedicated
_DSC0511 Laura! You're a natural!
_DSC0579 Again, coldest day of the year...
_DSC0722 Could this be more perfect? It's as though we matched the Pantone.

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