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Style Sheets for the Blog

This is Heading 1

This is Heading 2

This is Heading 3. This is for intro text. You should use this for the copy that introduces the blog post. This should be about 1-6 lines long. If it get longer than that, start a new paragraph and ...

Switch to the paragraph style to continue your thoughts. You will also use the paragraph style for most of the rest of the content within a post. This should be aligned left, not centered. Longer text gets harder to read when it's centered because the starting point changes with every line. All styles for this blog should always be aligned left.

This is Heading 4: This should be used as a subhead to break up longer sections of text. Also use for the question in a Q&A or interview. There is space automatically added above in this style.

This is Heading 4 again. See the spacing above?

This is the paragraph style it's a little smaller and it best for longer sections of text like the answers to questions in an interview. There is no added space above this style, but there is some space added below.

This means if you have several paragraphs in a row, it will add space between them. This is a stylistic alternative to adding an indent to body paragraphs.

Always put something here. Can be short and sweet! This is the caption style. It's used for images that need a description, but not links to other product sites. A good example the Tea Time post with scenes of the tea party shoot.


<h5>This is Heading 5: This is for the captions that list products and link off site</h5>


<h6>This is Heading 6: It's the same as Heading five except it has a thin dotted line underneath, helpful for breaking up sections.</h6>

<h2>A new topic starts here, maybe with a new bigger heading to introduce the section.<h2>

<p>Then the copy starts again in the normal paragraph style</p>

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