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Strut, Shuffle, or Stomp: Day 1 of Spring Shoes

Everyone at SCOUT LOVES shoes... some of our favorite footwear designers include Marni, Prada, Tod's, Miu Miu, Chanel, Lanvin, Jimmy Choo, Roger Vivier, Stuart Weitzman, Dr. Marten's, Converse, Supergo, and Havianas. Highlighting shoes from several of these designers, this spring look to Jimmy Choo for a new 'kitten-heel/pump' combo, an elegant style suitable for the office or after hours; choose any pair from Roger Vivier's ever-expanding collection of classic flats; look for Stuart Weitzman's cork and tortoise mini-wedge sandal, as well as a neutral tiger kitten-heel. And, for inspiration, check out the shoes in these next few posts for a roundup of European styles, colors, and heights!

FOR 'COLOR', THE NEUTRALS: nothing weathers a fete better than a black shoe, and no 'party' shoe is complete without unexpected yet totally noticable details & craftwork. From left to right, notice the cutouts in this sleek stiletto; the gladiator/biker-strapping that harnesses this kitten-heel encourages the idea, 'opposites attract'; the minimalist statement at hand (rather, foot) in this wedge becomes immediately energized with a bowtie at the ankle that sets the whole look into place.







 FOR STYLE, GET YOUR BOOT ON: different details in each of the boots here brings home the idea that a 'boot' doesn't simply refer to one type of boot, be it cowgirl boot, riding boot, or workboot. The cowgirl boots below gain the update of neon-pink embroidery; the baseline style of a riding boot is clear here, but coupled with puncturing and strategic cutaways for a thoroughly modern interpretation; and yes, we've seen the emergence of the heeled-workboot, but try it with an open toe and a two-tone body, and you'll find that this style is not so much 'daring' as it is decisive.








 FOR TEXTURE & HEIGHT, AN 'ESPADRILLE' MOTIF: nothing alerts fashion naysayers that spring has sprung quite like the platform of an espadrille, shown here via a sculpted 'classic', an open-toe boot, and a pair of sneakers... only a style-minded trip to Europe could prove that espadrilles in the springtime reach much farther beyond their more 'traditional' platform version!




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