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SCOUT Starter Set: For the Organizational Whiz

We often get asked the question, "What bag should I get my friend who doesn't already own SCOUT?" Today we're simplifying the age-old question with three items that make the perfect "SCOUT Starter Set." See how to shop for your old friend this holiday season: the organizational freak, the dust buster, the clutter killer.


Rump Roost Medium in Piano Man - Anyone who likes to keep a tidy house won't know what they did before you introduced them to a Rump Roost. These bins are sturdy, come in two functional sizes and make toting and stowing all of your stuff a dream. Know someone with stuff? Are you that someone? Well then, it sounds like you need one of these! Thank us later.

Hang-10 Bin in Blackjack - These bins are perfect for fitting on shelves and desks - a storage essential. We've all got stuff; celebrate yours with an amazing place to store it.

Mr. Write in Piano Man - Get your purse to a state of next-level organization with a Mr. Write. Whether he's holding all of your pens, markers and pencils, or mascaras and makeup brushes, he's the perfect size to keep things organized. The perfect gift for anyone on your list!


1. Veronica Beard Decade Stripe Bodysuit | 2. Chloe off the Shoulder Blouse | 3. Norma Kamali All In One Convertible Gownblog_ScoutStarterKit_Organization3
4.Alexander Wang Ellery Leather Slingback Pumps | 5. H&M Striped Espadrilles | 6. Nike Air Max Thea Sneakers  blog_ScoutStarterKit_Organization4
7.H&M Ribbed Turtleneck Top | 8. H&M Scarf | 9. Aqua Cashmere Stripe Mock Neck Sweaterblog_ScoutStarterKit_Organization5 (1)
10. Zara Oversized Sweater | 11. Zara Wool Sweater with Raised Collar


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