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SCOUT + Main: Seasons


We are proud to feature Seasons In Madison, NJ, as our next SCOUT + Main collaboration. Read on to see what they have going on this season!

state_outline_map_New Jersey_201759_1056x816

How did you choose your location?

Quite a few years ago, we had transplanted from NYC to Madison, NJ and found that there was a need for a quality gift and home accents store in the area. Coming from both a retail and Wall Street background, we took the plunge and opened Seasons.

Seasons 6

Tell us about your town.

Madison is a traditional, small town with a true Main Street for shopping. Located in Northern New Jersey, an hour drive in any direction can take you to the mountains, New York City or the Jersey Shore. Scenes from the 2005 holiday film “The Family Stone” were filmed in Madison’s downtown area.

Tell us about Seasons. What’s behind the name?

Seasons take you through the rhythm of life. Each season (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) is filled with special moments, celebrations and holidays. It is the perfect name for our store.

Seasons 7

How long have you been in business?

20 years! We have made wonderful connections with our community and many of our customers have become life-long friends.

Why do you and your customers love SCOUT?

First and foremost, the fabulous patterns they come up twice a year. Scout is always adding new products and we get very excited to see the next new release. Just when you think to yourself “I have enough Scout bags”, they come out with a great new pattern or tote and you convince yourself that you need 1 more! It is a great gift for family, friends, teachers and the college-bound.

Seasons 5

Any merchandising tips for SCOUT product?

Our favorite Scout style is the Pleasure Chest Cooler. We fill it with all kinds of goodies that fit a special occasion - a trip to the beach, a visit to a friend’s lake house or a fun picnic, just to name a few. We then wrap it in cellophane and tie a bow at the top. It makes a beautiful presentation and our customers love to give them as gifts.

Seasons 1

What’s your favorite SCOUT pattern this winter?

We would have to say Glory Maze. It is classic blue and white with a contemporary geometric pattern.

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