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SCOUT + Main: Five Seasons


Welcome to our inaugural SCOUT + Main feature! All fall we're going to be highlighting some of our beloved retailers, all located on Main Streets across the country. This month we are proud to introduce Five Seasons of Manchester, VT. Read on to see our interview with Five Seasons!

How did you choose your location?

Manchester Vermont has become a tourist destination, offering visitors The Manchester Designer Outlets with retailers such as Ralph Lauren, Coach and Eileen Fisher, as well as, many locally owned businesses, including Five Seasons. It was an easy decision to plant our seed here in Vermont.

Tell us about your town.

Manchester is the one place in Vermont where you can experience all of Vermont. No matter what the season, Manchester has everything you want to do or see on a trip to the Green Mountain State. Shopping, Dining, Art and Entertainment is all in town, with Skiing, Hiking, Boating and Biking just up the hill.

Tell us about Five Seasons. What’s behind the name?

Most will tell you the fifth Season in Vermont is Mud, but others would like to say that taking the time to appreciate everyday beauty extends life, almost like an extra season is added to every year. This fifth season affords us time to enjoy all other seasons, and to enjoy life.

scout 006

Why do you and your customers love SCOUT?

SCOUT offers such versatility, with the designs and wonderful colors to fit every decor and mood. They make great gifts and have wonderful uses everything from school dorms to boating, beaching and home storage.

How long have you been in business?

Eight wonderful years.

scout1 003

What’s your favorite fall activity in your area?

After a beautiful, sunshine-filled summer season, the temperatures plummet and the leaves appear to be changing by the hour, soon we’ll be enjoying the height of the peak foliage season in Vermont. Time to go apple picking, go on a ghost tour, or a corn maze; pick a pumpkin, go on a chair lift ride or better than all that, shop at your favorite store here in beautiful Manchester, VT.

Any merchandising tips for SCOUT products?

Retail floor displays are central to our visual merchandising strategy. Tables and shelves showcase SCOUT’s products features and benefits. They are inviting and generated product appeal, customer engagement and increase sales. We always create a theme, keep our displays simple and clean, and refresh regularly.

scout 15 001

What’s your favorite SCOUT pattern this fall?

Picking one favorite fall SCOUT pattern is the hardest part. While Diana Rose and Back to Fuchsia are so fresh, we also have to say Maze in Manhattan might be this season's go-to print. But don’t count out Bulldog Blue or Fleetwood Black as the Big Sellers.

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