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SCOUT Bags We Love To Give: An Interview

Whether you are new to the brand or introducing someone else, with such variety it can be daunting to figure out which bag works for the people in your life. I sat down with Deb Waterman Johns, a consummate fashion stylist and SCOUT's Creative Director + Co-Founder, to get her insights on the essentials.

From a seasoned SCOUT veteran to a total newbie, here are the items you want to make sure they (you) have in their (your) arsenal:


When you're shopping for a girl, where do you start in the SCOUT line?

DWJ: The essential pieces are the Daytripper and the Weekender. I love giving the Weekender to people as an introduction to our line. It's an amazing bag. It's a lot of bang for your buck. And then you add an accessory. We have so many great small pieces it's really an easy way to continue to personalize the gift.


Does the same go for a woman?

DWJ: Absolutely! Especially the Weekender; I bring it with me to Europe. It's got kind of a universal appeal that makes it a great bag for all ages. The other essential, that everyone can use, is the Original Deano. Hands down. That is where we started and it continues to be our top seller. It's the best value and highly durable.

womens essentials

What do you gift to guys from SCOUT?

DWJ: A 3-Way Bag in Canvas and either a Scoutrigger or a Duffy (in canvas.) And then, for someone who's more of that sport fishing guy or a partier, the Icebreaker. It's new this season among our insulated bags and we can't keep them in stock.



Need more tips? Join us tomorrow as Deb continues to share her gift-giving secrets!

Click below for an in-depth guide for all the gifts you need to give this season:

art of gifting

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