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Post-Grad Option #2: The City Slicker

LOOK 1, UNDETERRED, YA HEARD: we continue to coax our Yo Deb style mavens towards mixing prints, which locks your personal style in as one coveted & collected, so if you haven't tried it already, try it with the choices below! we started with a simple navy base in Burberry's Buckingham trench, then added a metallic with Hunter's Original Tall gold Wellies; some added spice includes the croc pattern on SCOUT's Daytripper, then to further encourage pattern, we looked to our personal favorite Paul Smith for his signature swirl pattern!




















LOOK 2, DEMURE WITH HER SKIRT: this look is both ladylike and chic, with unexpected additions sewn into or fastened onto your key wardrobe pieces... start with Top Shop's storm flap trench, which features a skirt for an almost 'flouncy' bottom; pair with two black staples, SCOUT's Crown Jewels in Croc-o-Gator Black & White and Hunter's Regent Grosvenor Embellished Wellies; to top off this simple look, choose a vintage-style umbrella that practically matches the shape of your trench!

























LOOK 3, CLASSIC WITH SASS: this look is 'just right', as 'classic' always tends to convey... it is appropriate yet still communicates that unexpected edge to those watching you walk up the stairs from the Subway and onto the city streets; Paul & Joe's Cyclone trench features the more traditional double-breasted style, so pairing it with Hunter's motorcycle-inspired Festival Wellies brings you back to your current age, the post-grad stage; SCOUT's Grand Plan Travel Tote in our SCOUT Signature pattern is great for day-to-night, while the umbrella below is pure postal fun!

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