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Patterns in Charleston

We knew we had to visit Charleston on our east coast beach tour this spring because the city's beauty and charm lend themselves perfectly to our spring and summer collections. Our color stories for spring and summer, consisting of classic navy and watermelon with pops of pastel is a perfect match for Charleston. Deb is an absolute pro when it comes to putting a new spin on a classic, and this collection was no different. Click to see how we matched our new collection with Charleston - and pulled off one of our most successful on location photo shoots to date!

Chalk the Line

Providing a twist on the classic stripe, Chalk the Line is a refreshing and relaxed variation on a classic which mirrors the Charleston southern proper vibe, which is traditional yet laid back. Chalk the Line is perfect for a downtown Charleston look.


Charleston-926 Charleston-940


Mary Chain

Much like Chalk the Line, Mary Chain is the perfect complement to the Charleston southern proper, traditional spectator look. Mary Chain's coloring of pastels with a classic navy is reminiscent of Charleston's affinity for pastels and bold traditional colors like navy.




Skinny Dipper

This painterly medallion has an intrinsic beachy, artsy quality that is perfect for the beach towns that surround Charleston. The navy, chambray, seafoam and pink that comprise the pattern mirror Charleston's classic yet playful nature.





An obvious fit at the beach and on the shores of Charleston, we love Shelly for its classic and dramatic sky and navy coloring. We love these shells on the beach and we also love that they can bring a bit of summer wherever you are - no beach required!





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