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Paris: Our Favorite Places to Eat

The City of Lights is always awe-inspiring; no matter what time of day or what time of year, wherever you’re walking on its influential streets you're sure to be inspired and acquire a bit of the Parisian demeanor, able to better interpret some of its customs… this spring/summer didn’t disappoint; we always find hidden culinary treasures and strong fashion directions on our Paris jaunt. The following are some of our fave places for great spots to eat and see:

FOOD, MACAROONS: the French favorite... nobody does them better! best out of the bakery- Pierre Herme at 72 Rue Bonaparte, 33 1 43544777 for the most fashionista flavors and avant garde appeal; Laduree (pictured) at 21 Rue Bonaparte, 33 1 44076487 (also at Rue Royale Avenue Des Champs Elysees) for timeless tearoom style and amazing & giftable packaging; Grand Epicerie Food Hall, part of Bon Marche department store on the left bank for a wide seasonal array.

paris macaroonsladies who lunch in parisparis restaurant great view quai branly

FOOD, EATERIES: Le Bistrot de Paris at 33 Rue de Lille, 33 1 42611683 for authentic bistro fare, with a very contemporary flare (moderately priced); Les Ombres (pictured) for unfussy French food with a twist… and a view! (located on the top floor of the Musee du Quai Branly… the only museum in Paris with outside, vertical gardens); Frenchie at 5 Rue du Nil, 33 1 40399619 for a rare French find with memorable plates and an intimate atmosphere; La Societe at 4 Place Saint Germain, 33 1 53636060 for the ‘soup du jour’—the see and must-be-seen Dumont in Paris, of chrome & glass… thorough ‘club vibe’; dying to have a ‘French’ lunch following your morning at the museum? here is the quintessential ‘ladies who lunch—on casual fare’, Les Deux Abeilles (pictured) at 189 Rue de L’Universite; Spring Restaurant at 52 Rue de L’Arbresec, 33 1 58624430, features a ‘set’ menu each night done with signature flare (a sister wine & gourmet store is just down the street), the chef is American but the environment is pure Paris; not in the mood for French fare? Try Toyo at 17 Rue Jules Chaplain, 33 1 43542803 for delicious sushi & tempura in a ‘spare’ environment; Ferdi at 32 du Mont Thabor, 33 1 42608252 for the BEST gourmet hamburger in Paris, in a toy-filled, ‘clubby’ environment; Le Cherche Midi at 22 Rue Cherche Midi, 33 1 45482744 for youthful Italian food with energy and a contemporary crowd.

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