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Par Four: Elements of Golf Style

LOOKING GREAT, IN MOTION: there's nothing like hitting the driving range to practice your swing, walking down from the putting green to perfect your chip, or carting the length of the course to hit 9 or 18... whatever your motive for visiting a nearby golf course, arrive stylish! for your kick of preppy, the no-brainer item is the golf shirt... we love Ralph Lauren for his feminine cuts, and his 'Create Your Own' shirts are a fun way to personalize your style on the course (ascot optional!); another fun designer for golf shirts is Psycho Bunny, a brand with creative concepts that are most definitely in line with SCOUT's "irrevent & preppy" take on items; keep shorts sleek in crisp white, our go-to brand is J. Crew for its various chino lengths; for accessories, a hat from Lacoste will keep you cool in the hot sun, and white shoes look classic yet stylish in the pair below right.

























LOOKING GREAT, EN ROUTE: if you're a gal who goes crazy at the pro shop and simply has to have the latest and greatest from the recently-stocked shelves of golf goods, keep two SCOUT bags in your locker or slide into free space in your golf bag for packing up 'necessary' and 'justifiable' purchases... our Stow N' Go and our Duflex pack down to nearly nothing, which is convenient when your eyes drift off the course to the windows of the pro shop! (SCOUT items below featured in spring/summer print Croc-O-Gator Green); finally, keep clubs snug as a bug in a rug with Ame and Lulu's fun and colorful covers; for a bag you'll be able to  identify amidst the row of black nylon and brown leather ones at the start of the course, choose Cleveland Golf's Bright Green Bag & Stand.

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