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Pales, in Comparison

For spring, consider pale and pastel hues the latest element of neutrality in your style of dress: faded pales have more 'frosted' qualities, while metallic versions serve as burnished updates from the earlier norms of less polished pales; skin tone pales become 'pearlized', while mixers like khaki, silver, and grey deliver a sophisticated, darker edge to your overall look.


POLISHING YOUR PALES WITH SHINE: if you don't necessarily look to pales for inspiration, start at the simplest level, accessories... silver and gold chains offer a sophisticated contrast to the cremes, blushes, and skin tones below. In addition, the pewter & silver crest on the handbag at center as well as the pearl sheen of the bag at right indicate that, when it comes to pale, there are no 'strict' rules, so have fun with it!

Scout by Bungalow quilted floral tote bag creme white ivoryScout by Bungalow tan blush mauve beaded purse bag clutchScout by Bungalow metallic pink pastel tote bag 















BLUSH TONES, CANARY YELLOW, SKY BLUE: as shown in the style elements below, the simplest route to a completed pale look is with a deeper accent... whether a khaki bag or shoes, a yellow satchel, or silver & metal detailing, you won't have to reach far beyond your core color when pale is driving your look. The gold chain of the necklace near left, as well as the sparkle of silver and blue crystals near right tie in with the beaded bags and pearlized tote above.

Scout by Bungalow blush top and pants

Scout by Bungalow creme and blush tone dress skirtScout by Bungalow yellow sun dress and saddle bagScout by Bungalow light blue quilted bag glittery iphone case


THE INSPIRATION, from left to right: at Milan's Novocento Museum, an exhibit just opened featuring velvet banquettes in different pales that the artists painted to look 'worn'... this encourages the use of different fabrics & textures when dressing in spring's pales; mint green, pale pink, and creme colors in these boxes of pastries, each accented with bronze or gold details, highlights the more 'frosted' quality of pales; floral displays continue to inspire across the color spectrum, from hue to hue.

Scout by Bungalow Novocento MuseumScout by Bungalow pastel green pink creme pastry boxScout by Bungalow flower rose pink yellow

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