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  • What's in the Bag: Overpacker

    A wise man once said, “Oh oh oh oh it's international love. You're international, so international.” Some of you may know this man as “Mr. Worldwide” or “Mr. 305.” I prefer to call him by his birth name, “Pitbull.” I can’t think of a more fitting quotation for our spring break remix of “What’s in the Bag." Come fly with me and our resident travel-bae’s, Laura Doherty and Charlotte Allen. They’ve crammed their Overpacker’s with all sorts of essentials for their trips to Dubai and Miami, respectively. What a time to be alive. Prepare for liftoff.


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  • Travel Guide: London

    Ello poppets.

    Deb’s in London now which makes my heart race. “Why?” you ask? Because she could be within meters from a member of One Direction, that’s why. Deb’s doing brilliant stuff, so you won’t want to Brexit until you’ve read more.

    PS. If she were to meet one of them, I’d want it to be Niall...

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  • Travel Guide: Milan

    We’re walkin’ like in a dolce vita…

    Paris was tight, but this time we got it right. Let’s get twisted like a big pot of fusilli and do this Italian thing. After you check in on Deb, please cook a massive pot of ragu, crank some home-made pasta, and bump the amazing playlist from Master of None, Season 2. Arrivederci!

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  • Travel Guide: Paris

    Bonjour, mes bonbons,

    Deb’s back in the game, back in the high life, and coming at you live from Paris, France. Let’s talk for one sentence about the fact that Deb is in the "city of love" on Valentine’s Day. OK. End of discussion. Back to the French thing. Rustle up your baguettes, berets, and bicycles for our French Connection with the ingredients to become the calm, cool Parisian you always dreamed of.

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  • What's in the Bag: Tiny Packages

    I’m an old-fashioned girl, I believe in romance.  Who doesn’t like being wined and dined by a local suitor, going for a moonlit jaunt around the National Mall, and bequeathed a solitary rose at the end of the night? In spite of my Swift-ian reverence for romance, I bah-humbug my way through February, scoff at every Zales commercial, and eye-roll down the Walgreens candy aisle. Recently, Valentine's Day hasn’t really been my bag. This year, however, something made me change my tune. I’ve denounced my Scrooge-y convictions to become a Valentine pundit. If you’re like me and long to be moved by the V-Day spirit, let Deb Waterman Johns be your guide. Watch out.  She’s about to twirl on you, Valentine’s haters. 
    *No, roses, actually.  I, like bae-Chris Harrison, will be forever triggered by rose bestowing of any kind.

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  • Behind the Design: Black


    Hey, my quangels*

    Here's the deal. It doesn’t take much to have me feeling like the one again or put some pep in my step. For example, nothing gets me fired up like a fresh pair of black leggings. The moment I slap on those bad boys, and my feet hit the mat, I transform into Rebecca Sanders: Yoga Extraordinaire. My oms rival a live Beyonce performance. If side-planking was a career field, then I'd be the CEO of Plank Inc. I'm pretty much levitating by the end of class.  *I really hope no one from the studio sees this.* All leggings aside, everyone has their secret weapons to feel like unstoppable-boss-Khaleesi versions of ourselves. This season, Deb gives us a reason to retire our golden lassos and cuffs with the release of our new Black Wink Collection. Before you know it, you’ll have joined the movement and want to personally thank her.  

    quangel: n. queen + angel, Sally Wiebe, 2018. All rights reserved.

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  • Travel Guide: Dallas


    This week, DWJ and our SCOUT cowgirls have been deep in the heart of Texas, at the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market.  For all you strangers to the world of retail, going to “Market” requires a relatively intense amount of effort from all participants. Trade shows ain’t for the faint of heart, so you’ve got to come in guns-a-blazin’, ready to make deals, and take names. With this in mind, you’d think DWJ and our regional sales managers wouldn’t have time to bee-bop around Dallas for blog research. Well, they made time, darn it. Because, when you’re doing it Texas-style, you better be bold, brassy, and mean business. Now, giddy up. We’ve got a travel guide to get to.

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  • Deb's Desk: DC Restaurants

    De's Desk: DC Restaurants

    When it comes to food, film, fashion, music, or anything requiring creativity, Deb Waterman Johns is a straight shooter. She sees through the fluff, gives credit where it’s due, and approaches everything with an open mind—kind of like a good-natured, yet dogmatic host for a cooking competition reality TV show. I’d probably put her in the same category as Padma Lakshmi. This said, DC restaurant week is approaching on January 22-28th, and Deb gave us the lowdown on hot options. So, I’d recommend postponing any plans for Whole 30 and making your reservations now.

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  • What's in the bin?

    Hey, hello, hi!

    We couldn’t be more stoked to shred into 2018 like a fresh pow. We intend to feel refreshed, re-energized and reorganized. Several of our Team members have written testimonials about what’s in their...bins! Yep, bins. If you didn’t know we had storage, well, now you do. Congrats!  Don’t worry, this isn’t a sermon about “new year, new you,” or a making SCOUT part of your list of resolutions (not suggesting you have to have any, but you get the gist). This isn’t a resolution.

    It’s a lifestyle.

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  • Deb's Desk: Santa Letters!

    Eleven from Stranger Things. Cher Horowitz. Cindy Lou Who. Katniss Everdeen. Elle Woods. Nancy Drew.  What do these chicks have in common?  They're always saving the day (and have impeccable style). Clearly, not all heroines wear capes. I know one, in particular, who wears a black fanny pack.  Every day. When Deb Johns isn't creating 28 new patterns and 11 new styles, fighting crimes of fashion, and defending us from potential faux pas, she's saving Christmas. I know what you're thinking, "Uh...Wrong. That's actually kind of Santa's thing." Well, I'll let you in on a little secret: I know Santa. No kidding, I really do. Because Santa is Deb Waterman Johns.

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